Philander Chase



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Philander reflects on the institution of marriage. He also reports on George Chase's impending move to Jubilee and the recent improvement in weather.




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27 Mar: 1844

My dear Grand Daughter

Yesterday Dudley went to Farmington to marry a Couple: and I staid here at home and married two couples in the Church. One was from Peoria - - The solemnity of this office when performed in Church is becoming - and makes a favourable impression on all who behold it. Marriage is that which distinguishes Man from the Brute Creature, why then should it not be marked by something become its high destination. An Appeal to God for his blessing and as a Witness of the Covenant made in His name is of all things most appropriate.

There are many things which of late years have tended to make mankind set lightly on the subject of their relative duties, and this of “jumping the broomstick” in marriage I count one of the greatest. Dear Laura if you ever [chuze] to change a maiden for a marriage life let that change be marked with finger of God’s remembrance: do it in the fear of Christ’s Holy name and with a firm reliance on his divine support & then may you, for Jesu’s sake, expect his blessing.

-Turn over-

I re’d your letter of March 3’d 1844 -- I am glad to hear you are all well and that young Mr George Chase was your guest for a few days. Since you saw him he is doubtless on his journey to this neighbourhood [where] in company with his sister and the Rev S. Chase his brother now with us he purchased a farm of peculiar beauty and excellence. We expect him in a few days to take possession and go to work as a respected farmer among us.

Our spring after having been [retarded] by some equinoxical storms of snow and cold rain has again commenced in earnest and we looking [sic] for garden vegetables in great plenty. Our lettuce has advanced so that we begin to set it out in rows of plants and our garden peas are sprouting out of the ground.

Do give my love to every one who asks after your aged and affectionate Grand father

Phil’r Chase

Miss Laura Chase

Letter to Laura Chase



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