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Philander Chase sympathizes with his siblings in the afflictions that come with old age. He tells his sister Olivea about the progress on Reminiscences; that the seventh number of it is to be sent to the publisher soon, but that he is struggling to remember specific dates as many of his letters were lost in his house fire in 1836. He then tells her about Christmas and the bad weather and updates her on his grandchildren.




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To Mrs Olivea Chase

Jubilee College Illinois

4 Jan 1844

Dear Sister:

I am deeply affected at the tidings of the ill health of our dear Sister Cotton: and what adds to my sad feelings is the ignorance I am kept in regard to your own health and that of dear Brother Dudley. Feeling old age creeping on myself I sympathise with my cotemperaries[sic] in proportion to my own weakness pain and lassitude. But who will reciprocate my affectionate regards if you do not. Therefore pray let me hear from you.

I am now writing the 7th number of my Reminiscences and were it not that it hath become unto me an Old Story I should say that the work gives me pleasure as well as trouble. I delight to dwell on post deliverances and especially the many instances of kindness I have met with from those whom I love and who love me. None more dear to me in this way than my best of Brothers & best of Sisters; your husband & yourself--

The time and events of my life which I am now recording are those of the period when I left the Valley of Peace and fixed myself in Michigan: but alas! all the papers I had on these subjects were destroyed by fire in the conflagration of my house in 1835---6--

Did I not write to you and Brother Dudley often when I began my plans in Branch County Michigan? Perhaps some of these were not destroyed. If so, will you not have the goodness to forward them to me under covers and not exceeding one half of an ounce each? N.B. I am most at a loss for want of Dates. Anything that will throw light on the subject of my history will be most acceptable.

The 5 & 6th numbers are now in Boston at the Bookstore of Mr J.B. Dow the printer of the Christian Witness. By sending a person there Mr Dow will deliver to the order of Dudley Chase of Randolph any numbers of the work he may want if on hand. I will direct Mr Dow so to do. The 7th no. becomes more & more interesting.

My dear Wife sends her best love to you and my loved Brother: She is at present suffering under the effects of a bad cold caught in our late visit Knoxville a town about 30 miles to the west of us.

My children Dudley Henry and Philander are in good health. Philander however who went with us to Knoxville is indisposed with a bad cold.

My grandsons Dudley and Alexander are two fine boys tho’ born to be poor. Mrs Lucia Russell now the happy grandmother of four find[sic] children is the same faultless ~angel~ being you know her to be

Samuel Chase her son in law the husband of our dear Sarah is now in his prime: The best of men & a respected author you’ll soon see from under his hand a Review of Jubilee: which I hope will be pleasing to you and my dear Brother.

I have r’d a letter lately from Mary Batchelder now Mrs Caswell dated in some place in England where her husband has obtained a [Canary]-- It is kindly in its expressions toward me and all her American friends and relatives. I think she considers herself as fixed in that country so as not to expect to see America again.

Our College affairs go on pretty well. The West Wing of the Quadrangle 83 feet long is now being finished. Its appearance is generally much admired on account of its permanency and beauty.

I confirmed five on Christmas day and administered the Sacrament to 43-- about half of our number. the rest were kept back by reason of bad roads.

On the whole my own health is much better than it was last winter. I preach often and go on journeys to do Epsicopal duties as usual. Pray write to me soon and much oblige

Your loving brother

Philander Chase

Letter to Olivea Chase



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