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Chase reports on various matters going on around Jubilee before praising his wife and the efforts of women in general in helping institutions run smoothly. He then laments the financial troubles of Kenyon College and once again argues that he was not at fault for its falling into debt.




Mr. Bostwick, Joliet, Jubilee, Agnis Ingraham, illness, typhus, Mr. Hull, Dudley Chase, Mary Olivia Chase, Samuel Chase, Mr. Radley, Henry Chase, death, women, Sophia Chase, Charles McIlvaine, Kenyon College, finances, debt


1843 Sunday night. 12 Nov

Dear Laura;

The Rev. Mr. Bostwick a (Clergyman who officiates at Juliet [sic] Ill;) now on a visit at Jubilee preached for in today in the Chapel. Miss Clark who resides at Mr. Radley’s played on the organ. - The Rev Sam’l Chase preached this afternoon. The cold weather makes the congregation small: those 20. 15. 10. & even 4. miles are not [?] to attend. Our own family those of Mr Radley & Henry and Philander who [was] in house keeping - Mr. S. Chase’s family & Dr. Castles and the Students both male and the Chamberlains were all our congregation.

Dear Agnis Ingraham who for several weeks past has been very sick is now so well again as to leave her room: Poor thing. - Never anyone suffered more & live, of a Typhus fever - I hear that the daughter of Rev. Mr Hull of Milwakie [sic] Wisconsin [Ser’y] & his daughter died very suddenly of this disease. - We have lost but few in this neighbourhood not one of the Scholars have been sick seriously the [last] [?], except Agnis who is now getting well as I told you above.

Mary’s school increases tho’ slowly - All who attend are much pleased & evidently improve fast.

Dudley your good Uncle is still away from us: but we hope to see him in a few days with his wife and dear young baby - a fine boy - What they will call him I know not. The Rev. Mr. [?] I hear is getting better.

As to my own health, I have not much to say of an encouraging character . . . As the cold weather comes on my cacarrhal [sic] complaint returns and my cough increases. These circumstances remind me of my declining years and approaching end. May God give me grace to look to Him who hath overcome death and deprived the grave of his dominion!

Monday morning.

I arose this morning at 5. - To arouse our family & put all in motion is no small task. We have about 30 at the Cottage in November & about 30 in the family at Jubilee Chapel. Considering with what fragments this Institution was built with, few enterprises ever succeeded so well. - My dear Wife as usual is the life of the whole concern: Were it not for her the whole would fall to pieces.

What had been the reason of the failures of the follow[ing] attempts to found and erect Institutions for the benefit of the Church? Viz

Bristol College & Seminary

Raleigh N.C. - do do.

Lexington Ky. - do do

Burlington Vermont do. do.

Flushing Long Island do. do.

Nashotah. Wisconsin. do - [?] The answer if it could be expressed is there was bad management which a wise female might have prevented by her [warning] counsel - her well laid plans - and prudent culinary arrangements.

Poor Kenyon, has well nigh gone down by reason of the same causes. Have you Sam’l Chases 3 letters to me touching Bp: MacIlvaines [sic] misrepresentations? - If he fail in getting what he wants it will be from the indignation which honest men entertain, against so flag[ant] a misrepresentation of facts. Since I came from Ohio the following [sums] have been paid into the treasury of Ken Coll.

For the North Section $22,500

[average] money of the Students 3,00.

Mrs Hannah Moore [sic] Legacy ,

to me ______________

Mrs Clark of Phil’a - ,



How then can it be said that I left the college so in debt as to be the cause of its present embarrassments?

There was no mortgage on the [?] no notes of hand or obligation [?] of mine to pay and no lien on the buildings. If there were any debts they were current expenses, which [then] were always assets to pay off. - Bp: McIlvaine is mistaken.

Letter to Laura Chase



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