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Philander Chase has taken in a poor English boy to be educated at Jubilee College. He asks Thomas Holme for further funding to pay the boy's tuition as his family cannot afford it at the moment.




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Illinois. U. States of America

Jubilee College 28th of Oct 43

To the Rev, Tho’s Holme.

East Cowton

Near North Allerton, Yorkshire

Rev. & very dear Sir

Few things have more deeply affected me than the situation of Mrs. Ann george, once y’r Parishioner, now a lamb of Christ’s fold of which God has made me the overseer

In my late tour through the [norn] parts of my diocese I went to see this good woman & witnessed with mine own eyes her deprivations & the many difficulties with which God hath called her to struggle. As I entered the House little James, her youngest son ran from my presence to hide his nakedness in his mother’s bed. This was in an adjacent room from which the weather was cold he came forth covered with the poorest sumer garment

When I told her it was my intention to take him home with me & put him to school, & feed and clothe him she could not refrain from tears Both wept for joy

When she inquired what weer my prospects of remuneration, having nothing herself to pay her sons Expenses at school, I replied that God would provide & she might set her heart at rest. The Boy was accordingly made ready at my expense and came with me to Jubilee, and is now happy with the other lads of his age learning the rudiments of our language

It is about ten days since my arrival: and during that period he has shewn a good disposition & a steady application to his books.

I will not speak of Mrs George’s other sons more than to say they are her only dependance in earning a scantly pittance for themselves their mother and widowed sister and her child. James is the boy of promise being only 11--an age too young to be corrupted by the bad examples of an ignorant and viscous neighbourhood. Dear little fellow! my heart is much engaged in his favour and as I think I see in him a future ornament to Church of Christ and an instrument of the salvation of many souls I rejoice withe exceeding joy that I have succeeded in bringing him to Jubilee. As I have never trusted God in vain I have full faith that his bills will be paid. I will make them out with honest acuracy[sic] both for his clothing, boarding, lodging, tuition books and other incidental and necessary charges and send them to you my dear fellow worker in the vineyard of the Lord. They will not exceed 30£ of you money annually-and such is my knowledge of the English character that I have the fullest faith they will be promptly and steadily paid. Pray lay this matter before the benevolent ladies of your parish and see if it be not so-tell them that Bishop Chase the aged asks this favour of them. Tell them that he has drawn many a bill of this sort on the Lord’s bank in England and never as yet has one been protested. Tell them that Bishop Chase who ask’s[sic] the favour of the feels himself bound to exert his utmost strength in search of English children when perishing in the wilds of his Diocese: and that having found this dear one he can never give him up till his education is completed for the MInistry---if the Lord will! So that if they will not give some other more favoured persons will do it for it is more blessed to give than to receive!! We have the word of Jesus for it.

In a few days I shall be 68 years of age and in the past season have traveled thro’ the length and breadth of a Diocese larger than all England Wales put together and for 5 weeks in course have preached as many times save one as there were days in that period. I have no salary but am fed as Elijah was. Pray write to me soon. Praying that God may bless you & your poeple[sic] with the abundance of his grace I am

Rev’ Sir

Your faithful Servant in Christ our Lord Phil’r Chase

PS I go this day five and twenty miles to confirm & preach twice to morrow. Mr Radley an Englishman and candidate for Orders goes with me. The persons to be confirmed are english. I go in a coach that was purchased with English money.

Letter to Thomas Holme



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