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Bishop Lee sympathizes with Chase's upset at Arthur Carey's ordination, but thinks there can be nothing done about it beyond the Church publicly disavowing "Romish tendencies." He also recommends the appointment of Mr. Franklin as a Western missionary.




Romanism, Catholicism, Arthur Carey, religion, General Convention, Mr. Franklin, Wilkinson family


Wilmington Del. Aug. 21st 1843

Rt Rev & Dear Sir

Your two esteemed favours of July 31st and Aug. 7th are before me. The grave & important character of the first has called for my most serious consideration. I fully sympathize with the deep anxiety expressed by you on the subject of recent painful events in New York. The disastrous consequences we are all compelled to feel in our efforts to build up the church. Prejudices against us have received an alarming confirmation and we are compelled to [stem] a much stronger current of popular feeling. At the same I know not what to suggest in reply to your communication, nor do I see what the church at large can at this time do in the matter, or whether it would be expedient to do any thing. The statements which have been made by the other examining presbyters are calculated I think, considerably to modify the impressions occasioned by the first reading of the Statement of Drs Anthon & Smith. I sincerely wish that the Bishop had at any rate, upon the public protest being made, consented to defer the ordination of Mr Carey. This I think would have been a more prudent & satisfactory [?], even had he afterward seen fit to ordain him. I should myself be pleased to witness at the next General Convention, some disclaimer of Romish tendencies on the part of the church, & trust that those whose age & station place them at the head of our body, will be prepared with firmness & matured wisdom to propose some measure in the support of which sound & Protestant churchmen might unite, & which would give no unnecessary offence to any.

With regard to the subject of your second letter I have only to remark that Mr Franklin is very highly & deservedly esteemed as a Christian and a minister. The only objection that I know of to his employment as a Western Missionary is a family of three small children, likely to be larger. Of his pulpit talents I can speak in terms of high commendation.

When you see my friends the Wilkinsons be pleased to mention to them that they are very warmly remembered by their former pastor & friends.

I trust that your own health is now restored and that the Great Head of the Church will continue your useful labours & oversight to his body for many years

With sincere regard

Yours in Christ

Alfred Lee

Letter to Philander Chase



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