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Bishop Kemper agrees that the ordination of Arthur Carey is "alarming" and denounces Romanism in the church, but also expresses concern for the "ungentlemanly epithets" used against Drs. Anthon and Smith in a recent issue of the Churchman.




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Bloomington, Iowa

19th August 1843

Rt. Rev’d and dear Sir,

I was [about] in Indiana on the arrival of your favour of 31st ulto. and have since [merely] passed thro’ St. Louis. I take the first opportunity to write to you.

The case of Mr. Carey is alarming; and I stand ready to write with you and any other Bishops in protesting not only against all and every error of the church of Rome but against those practices, not [enjoined] by the American Church, which however innocent in themselves, have so generally been abused to superstition. The Church of England as left by her martyrs is our model, excepting in those few unimportant points in which we have deviated from her. For instance, I have been mortified to see a letter dated the vigil of a Saint’s day, when we (the American church) have abolished all vigils.

The pamphlet of Mr Haight and the last nos. of the Churchman have [afforded] satisfactory explinations [sic] with respect to most of the difficulties in Mr. Carey’s case. Still there is a tendency in his views towards [romish] opinions and practices which ought by no means to be sanctioned. And if any persons are called called [sic] upon to lift up the standard of True Catholicism perhaps we are (I confess I was one) who gloried as I do still in the late movements in the church of England.

I entirely approve of the proposed Concordat. If I cannot visit you in the course of two or three months I will write you again. Mr. Eaton has not the learning necessary for a Bishop.

I must take the liberty of troubling you upon a painful subject by the next mail.

I am, my dear Sir,

very faithfully yours

Jackson Kemper

The language of the last Churchman that I have read has many ungentlemanly epithets for Drs A. & Smith, particularly the latter. They would disgrace a political editor. I approve not of the last protest of the the two Drs - but I know them to be estimable, devoted and able men.

Letter to Philander Chase



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