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Bishop Henshaw, who has recently been consecrated as the Bishop of Rhode Island, agrees with Chase that Carey's ordination was a mistake and that the rise of Romanism in the Episcopal Church is frightening.




Rhode Island, Catholicism, Arthur Carey, heresy, New York, Bishop Brownell, Providence


Bristol R.I. Aug’t 19th 1843

Right Revd & Dear Sir

Your very acceptable letter of the 4th was duly received. I sincerely thank you for the prayers offered on my behalf before my consecration, & hope they will continue to be offered, that God’s grace may guide & strengthen me in the faithful discharge of the duties of that higher [stewardship] in the Lord’s household now entrusted to my hands. You will have learned before this, that Bp Brownell for my accommodation, that of the Bishops, & of the Diocese, postponed the consecration to Friday the 11th when it took place in Providence, & every part of the sacred services was performed with the utmost solemnity & decorum. We believe that God’s presence & blessing were enjoyed at the [commencement], & our hope & prayer is that they may be [nonchanged] to the [end] of my Episcopate.

The fearful agitation consequent upon the ill-[starred] ordination in New York, continues with very little abatement - &, so far as I have been able to learn, this act of the Bp of that Diocese is condemned by the great body of the church. We have indeed fallen upon evil times if men are to be admitted to the ministry of the church, who are undecided which is right, [She] or Rome - & who can with almost equal readiness confess this faith in the language of the [Tridentine] decrees - or that of the 39 Articles & the Apostles’ creed.

I am anxious to see your letter to the Bishops upon this distressing affair, & hope that few or none of them will hesitate to continue their firm & [decided] protest against the ruinous heresies of “the Man of Sin.”

I [hailed] with joy your [?] letter to the “Bp of [Anath]”, & trust that what you may now write will breathe the [same] bold & truly Catholic spirit. It is a cause of thankfulness to me that none of the Papal [?] has been infused into this little Diocese, & I hope, by God’s grace, we shall, as with the heart of [one] man, sustain the Church as she is, without deterioration or change.

I have already entered upon a visitation of some of the churches, & therefore your letter found me away from Providence, my future home. To hear from you & to receive your fatherly suggestions & counsels, will at all times afford pleasure to

Your obliged & faithful

brother in Xt

J. P. K. Henshaw.

Letter to Philander Chase



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