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Bishop McCorkey continues his previous letter, sending his best wishes for the formation of the Episcopal Church in Texas, while insisting that the people there have control over their own church. He also writes that he is not concerned by dissenters in the Church, and is assured that God will take care of everything.




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Detroit Aug 14; 1843.

Rt. Rev’d and dear brother.

I found it difficult to confess all I had to say in reference to the induction of Mr Carey in a letter, & therefore could not give you my opinion in reference to Texas. I rejoice that they are likely to have a Bishop of their own. It will relieve us, & I trust [enable] them to lay the foundation of their Church broad and deep at an early period in their history.

I pray that the first head of the Church may direct them [aright], and give them a man full of [faith] and the Holy [Spirit]. I do not believe we have any right to demand of them any thing but [submission] to the articles & constitution of the Church. If we are to specify [?] which they are to [?] where are we to stop. [?] much trust to the [protecting] and guiding influence of the spirit of God, for if we demand a [promise] to guard against the errors of [Arian] & Pelegian & etc - why not ask the same against the heresy of John Calvin & [Joe] Smith.

It [amuses] me very much to find that [Dissenters] are so anxious about our Church. They appear to be deeply distressed in reference to the errors which are likely to creep in & the division which may thus arise. May God deliver us from such [sympathies]. If we are only quiet & calm, God will [overrule] every thing for the best. In quiet[ness] and confidence is our strength. I [am] much [amused] in reading your letter about Chicago. I do assure you, all I said [was] the [creation] of my own [brain]. I am not quite so soft as to be the medium of such communications. If it had originated with them, I [should] have been [intent]. It proceeded [simply] from feelings of affection towards my brother - But he knows best, & I rejoice that God gives him the ability, both physical & mental to perform every duty -

[That] affect,

Your brother

Sam’l A. McCorkey

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