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Bishop Brownell believes that the ordination of Arthur Carey has brought shame to the Church. He adds that nothing can be done in Texas until the General Convention has convened.




Thomas Brownell, Philander Chase, Arthur Carey, Bishop Henshaw, General Convention, Episcopal Church, Oxford Movement, religion, Texas


Hartford Aug’t 16. 1843

Rt. Rev’d and Dear Sir

I have to acknowledge the receipt of your Letter of the 31st Ultimo.

Before this reaches you, you will have received explanations which go far towards clearing up the objections to the Ordination of Mr. Carey. Still, I think that young man entertains some very erroneous opinions, and that the Bishop would have some will to have postponed [every] action in his case, till he had received those opinions. I deeply regret the odium which has been thrown upon the Church by the public action of Mess’rs Anthon and Smith in St Stephen’s Church, and the Pamphlet consequent upon it. But still I entertain the hope that divine Providence will overrule it all for good. The alarm which has been sounded, and the almost universal burst of feeling which has been exhibited, will be likely to give on effectual check to extreme opinions which had begun to prevail among the Students of the Seminary, and some of the younger Clergy; to say nothing of older Brethren who have manifested a strong partiality to some of the Oxford innovations.

You will have learned through the papers that the Rev’d Dr. Henshaw was Consecrated at Providence on the 11th Instant.

I doubt whether we can take any action for the Consecration of a Texan Bishop till our General Convention have legislated on the subject. You will recollect that the [Canon] for the Consecration of Foreign Bishops was laid on the Table of the House of Lay Delegates, and that the matter was postponed for the action of the next Convention. You will please excuse a very hasty letter, as I am just about to bear home for Albany. The family of Mr. Kep are enjoying their usual health.

Very affectionately,

Your friend & Brother

T.C. Brownell

Letter to Philander Chase



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