Philander Chase



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Chase writes to the Bishops in vehement opposition to their ordination of Arthur Carey, who Chase sees as a sinner and a heretic.




Arthur Carey, Dr. Smith, Dr. Anthon, Bishop of New York, Texas, Catholicism, Episcopal Church, religion


Jubilee College Illinois

31. of July 1843.

Rt Rev. & dear Brothers in the Lord

Are you satisfied with the ordination of Arthur Carey to the Deaconate of the Ch. as reported to us by the Churchman and the statement of facts drawn up by Drs. Smith & Anthon of New York?

Pray let me know your opinion of that Episcopal act of the Rt Rev. the Bishop of N York connected with Mr Careys previous examination.

My private opinion is that if something decisive be not done and that speedily by the Bishops to put down the rising spirit of “the man of sin among us” we perhaps shall never meet again [as] heretofore “taking sweet counsel together and walking to the House of God in company.” I would respectfully suggest to you that I am as far from Geneva and Puritan plebian ordination as I am from Rome in my sentiments. I stand on the ground of the Church of England after she was cleansed of the leprosy of Papal Rome. This letter is at present in confidence. I shall soon write you one on the subject of the application of the Christians in Texas for a Bishop that they may form a National Church. Ought I not to state that the Bishop elected by themselves (for it seems they have already formed a Convention prepared to be summoned together for that purpose) must previously to his consecration sign a “Concordat” whereby having been empowered by the Clergy and laity of Texas for that purpose he binds himself and his successors and the Church in the Nation of Texas forever to repudiate and disavow and to shun the errors of Arius Socinus, Pelagius & Papal Borne as well as more modern heresies and schisms by name and adhere only to the scriptures of the old new testaments as understood by the Church previously to the usurpations of the Bishop of Rome and as they are set forth by the Church of England.

Pray let me hear from you soon and oblige your faithful friend & Brother

Letter to the Bishops



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