Philander Chase



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Philander Chase has returned home after his long and arduous journey south. His health which was poor on the trip is now improved, but there is a drought at Jubilee.




Rachel Denison, James Denison, Jubilee, travel, health, drought, Convention of Texas


Jubilee 29th of July 43

My dear Laura

You see I am once more at home. My health which was very indifferent all my long Journey at the south is now better. But we have a drought here at Jubilee truly afflictive. Every thing seems dried up: and what we shall do but to pray to God for resignation I know not.

My success in my late Journeying was greater than I expected. Our plans of Ministration being few and far between my fatigue was great and being unwell most of the time and living only on boiled corn meal my spirits were low and my soul sustained only by God’s grace [o]n the Conscious discharge of my duty.

We are all well here at home and often speak most tenderly of you:

Having (as they say) “one Hundred one” letters of the greatest consequence to the Church to answer I can say no more to you at present than to desire to be kindly remembered to all friends while I am your loving Grand Father P Chase

Don’t forget me to Sister Rachael & Tell her that her son James has lately exhibited both [mind] and I trust true piety in the Convention of Texas.

I am now answering the letter of that National Church as the Senior Bishop of the Church in these United States, on the subject of obtaining a Bishop.

Letter to Laura Chase



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