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Mr. Fuller writes to Simon Greenleaf to inform him that "the Ohio question is at length settled" and that he will travel to Gambier soon. His wife then takes over and writes the second half of the letter, informing her father that the flu is going around the family.




Mr Fuller, Mrs Fuller, Simon Greenleaf, Ohio, Gambier, Kenyon College, religion, illness, health


Andover, June 27. 1843.

My dear Sir,

After six months of deliberation, consultation & suspense the Ohio question is at length settled. We have concluded that in the present aspect of affaires it is out duty to go. In coming to this conclusion we were aware that we should inflict pain upon our friends, but to us the invitation seemed so decidedly a call of Providence that we dared not decline. A great work is to be done at Gambier- some man from the East must go out to do it. By a train of remarkable circumstances I have been selected as the individual to make the sacrifices incident to a removal from the East, & to throw myself into the breach, & I could not feel myself at liberty to turn a deaf ear to what I was compelled to regard as the voice of [any] Master. These were not merely my own convictions, but those of Charlotte before I mentioned to her the light in which the subject appeared to me.


Mr. Fuller had written thus far when company interrupted him & as it is near time for the mail to close, & he has begun to talk about me I take it up to finish. It is true that I never was less influenced by him on any subject than on that. I worked it out by myself on Friday, alone, while he was in Boston, &, I cannot but think, under the direction of that Divine Spirit to whom I endeavored all last week to [commit] the whole subject. To you who believe in His agency & have taught me also to believe it, I fear not to say this. I know it is not delusion & I do not believe you will think so. So far as human instrumentality is concerned the address of Bp. McI. & Dr Boone particularly the latter led me to the conclusion that I could go, & my feeling ever since has been one of joy & gratitude that my Saviour was willing to make use of me in so important a field, that he has given me the privilege of making sacrifices for him, & that he has not called my poor weak faith to a greater trial. I want you & mother to feel with me in this matter & to gather up all that is bright & promising in the subject, & think only of God’s goodness, in still allowing us to remain within a few days journey, & opening for us a place where we can have so many temporal comforts & enjoyments. Mr. F. has asked the canonical consent of the parish for his removal after the 7th of August as we wish to be in Gambier at the commencement of the term in Sept. We shall write again as soon as the parish have acted upon his request. Mr. F. is unwell with the prevailing influenza & Abby is sick with it- unable to sit up which must excuse my brevity- Your aff. daughter

Letter to Simon Greenleaf



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