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B. G. Roots advises Philander Chase on his travels, and tells him to stay with Mr Tuthill in Mt Vernon on his way to Chester as it is equidistant from Pinckneyville, where he had intended on staying.




Philander Chase, BG Roots, Mt Vernon, Pinckneyville, Chester, Illinois, Ohio, Mr Tuthill, Mr Southgate


Locust Hill Perry Co Ill April 24th 43

Rt Rev Philander Chase

Dear Sir

Your favor of 17th inst was received on the 22nd I immediately repaired to Mr Tuthills and we have taken the responsibility of doing that which we thought should be done, Pinckneyville is a very small place and the country immediately around is very thinly settled. There is not a friend of the church near there. There is one Tavern in the place and but one, If Mr Tuthill & his friends & I with mine, were the meet you there we could all get entertainment in town It would be near night when the services closed and the roads are not safe for us to travel in the night. There our families would be debarred from attending the services and there would not probably be 10 persons in attendance I believe that Mr Southgate did the best that could be done when he was there, but as none among his hearers knew anything of the Liturgy, the little effect produced by him there was unfavorable. Not so at my house and Mr Tuthills. I have more persons in my family at this time than attended his services or would attend yours at Pinckneyville Mr Tuthill has a numerous connection around him. They are not churchmen, but they are intelligent people, and there and at my house Mr Southgate produced an impression favorable to the church. You can reach Mr Tuthills from Mt Vernon as easily as you can reach Pinckneyville. From Mr Vernon to Pinckney there is no direct road which you could travel with a carriage. From Tuthills you can reach [Chester] as easily as from Pinckney-- Now Sir we hope it will not be unpleasant to you to learn that we have changed your appointment from Pinckneyville to Mr Tuthills neighborhood. I have sent out expresses--posted up notices and used every means in my power to give information of your expected visit at Mr Tuthills and that you would not be at Pinckneyville and that accommodations will be prepared at & near Mr Tuthills for all who choose to spend the night with us. When we sent to Pinckneyville they had not heard of your coming-- I have also caused information of the change to be sent to Chester & Kaskaskia with an expression of my beleif[sic] that you will not reach Chester until the morning of the 3rd Sunday after Easter-- Mr Tuthill intends (Providence permitting) to meet you at Mt Vernon on Thursday 4th may and conduct you to the place of worship near his house on Friday-- services to be at 4 P.M. There are six candidates for Confirmation and it is quite possible that the number will be increased 1 or 2 Mr Tuthill will endeavor to accompany you to Chester we are praying to the Great Ruler of the Church that you may be prospered in your journey & that your coming among us may promote the Glory of God and the Good of the Church.

Very Respectfully yours

BG Roots

Near Mt Hawkins P6

Letter to Philander Chase



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