Lord Kenyon



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Lord Kenyon expresses his support for Chase's trip to Oxford to collect donations for his cause in Illinois. He gives Chase the names of several people in the area who might donate to him. He also encourages him to avoid controversy with the quarrelsome G. M. West.




Oxford, Timothy Wiggin, Jubilee College, Illinois, subscriptions, donations, Robert Kenyon, All Souls College, Dr Bale, Fitzherbert Marriott, Mr Tyndale, G. M. West, George Montgomery West



Nov’r 25

My dearest Bishop

I can [set] no possible objection to your going to Oxford, and you [?] you will be [sure] my hearty good wishes for your success there. My offering to your Ohio cause before and now what I have offered to Illinois speak more plainly than anything I can write. I certainly agree with your judicious [committee] [?] friend Mr Wiggin in thinking [you] had far better on every account [have] nothing to do with any controversy as to anything [?] coming [from] New York. If necessary your friends will take notice of it duly. As to West I am sure he must [go] down very soon: he seems always first or last to get into a quarrel wherever he goes. I have a Nephew at All Souls Oxford (if he be in Oxford now) who tho’ he can’t subscribe w’d I am sure wish to [sure] you for my sake as well as for your cause’ sake. Rob’t Kenyon is his name. [Dr] P[??]ey of Ch Ch & [Dr] Bale if there w’d be [?] to [sure] you I have no doubt - & [sev’l] [of] [Neil] Cole thro’ Fitz Marriott I [s]hd think. Ever my dearest Bishop your most affect’e friend Kenyon

Mr Tyndale will [deserve] you[r] [attention], Wheatley is but ab’t 5 miles on the Titsworth side of Oxford. He is a valued friend of the excellent [Ld] Bexley. My kind regards to your kind host & hostess. We are all well thank God. If you c’d get introduced at Cheltenham

I sh’d think you

might succeed


Letter to Philander Chase



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