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Philander informs Laura that he has appointed his son Dudley as an itinerant missionary, and they will travel together around the Diocese in the summer. Philander's nephew Samuel has recently had a son, March. Chase also reports on Jubilee College's increasing reputation and again affirms his disdain for the Millerites.




Dudley Chase, Steubenville, Mrs Marriott, Samuel Chase, Jubilee College, March Chase, Simeon Chase, Millerites, Millerism, Bishop Newton, Bishop Renwick


Jubilee Apl 10 1843

My dear Laura:

Your Uncle Dudley Chase, my son, is now among our best preachers. I have obtained an appointment for him as an itinerant Missionary with a Salary of $300. This is not enough to pay his traveling expences and support his wife at home. for this cause and for some others she will go home to Steubenville Ohio this summer and her husband will travel with me all the season through: first at the south and then at the North of the Diocese.

As to myself you know I have no salary yet I have to maintain a carriage (given by Mrs Marriott of London my wife’s cousin) and horses (taken from ploughing my farm) so as to make me comfortable in travelling. Some few dollars are sent me to pay expenses on the way. All this you see is but slender living. “Yet they tell us the Voluntary system works well.”

I think the reputation of the College is increasing. We have a good mathematical teacher, and also a Teach[er] of the languages, besides the Rev S. Chase who is over the school and regulates the whole; heaving all the upper classes. Mary has charge of the female department being a small number taught and boarded in the Cottage. The building of the West Wing will go on as soon as the frost is out of the ground which this year continues long than was ever known before. The cold has killed more than 800 of the College lambs & several of Philander

You will be glad to hear that the Rev Sam’l Chase is the joyful parent of a fine Son. They will call him “March” after his brother and Father who were named from family of the Marches once so respectable in Worcester County in the state of Massachusetts. My brother Simeon married into the same family. So much I have said in honour of the young [?] on Jubilee Hill.

I rejoice to hear you have not fallen prey to the Millerites. Your excellent Bishop has just sentiments on this subject I am glad to learn he speaks so well of Bishop Newtons work on the prophecies. I wish you would peruse that [exact] treatise and let me know how you like it. His explication of St. Pauls “Man of Sin” I think worthy of great praise. If you can not borrow the book or procure the loan from some library, contrive by your industry to earn money enough to buy a copy[.] Most highly should I rejoice to hear of your early rising and late taking rest if you [?] so to do by a device to earn money for such a purpose.

One word more about your Bishop-- indeed I can hardly speak too much in the praise of his 2 letters to the Roman Bp [Renwick]. You do not mention it & from that I suspect you have not seen it. If so you have much pleasure in store for you. I have written for 100 copies for Illinois. Read it I pray you immediately.

This is all I can say at present except that I am your loving Grand Father

P Chase

Letter to Laura Chase



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