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Philander Chase laments his sister Rachel's illness and updates his graddaughter Laura on the progress of Jubilee College. He implores her to avoid being carried away into the Millerist movement.




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Jubilee 21 of D’r 42

My dear Grand Daughter

Yours of the 4th ins’t came today. It is melancholy to think of my Dear Sister Rachaels continued illness. We are so nearly of an age and have played so much together in our infancy and childhood and sympathized so much together in our riper years that the thoughts of her sufferings are more than I can bear, without special aid. I wish I could see her and pray with her and talk of another and better world with one [see] dear [tome] in this.

Your acc’t of your Mothers health is by no means flattering--do give my love to her. Dear Brother Simeon! your acc’t of seeing him and Brother Dudley at Church together was very gratifying.

I rejoice at your increasing affection for your Brother in Law Mr Flint[.] May God continue him a blessing to you all.

A few days ago I r’d & read Mr Sabines little Book. His scriptural proofs of the 2d advent of our Lord are what I have long dwelt on with (I hope) sincere faith but I never applied them as he does.

I am sorry to see so grave a subject made a matter [camp] meeting excitement.

The more I am convinced of the Speedy coming of Jesus the more should strive to be constantly at my post of duty. Visiting the fatherless and widows in their affliction and keep myself by the grace of God [unspotted] from the world

A meek and quiet spirit is of great price in the sight of God, to acquire which I have no notion that it is my duty to “seek the tented field.[“] Oh I was very much surprised at the P.S of Mr Sabine. May the restraining grace of God keep him from the sin intimated there.

Dear Laura! I rejoice that you are not carried away with this blast of Millerism. Keep you at home. Watch & pray & try to do good by feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. looking always to Jesus the author & finisher of your [?]

It is a very cold winter. All of us have a bad co[ld]. I never coughed so much before. Mrs Bugby our house keeper has been laid up with a felon on her thumb so that all duty of that sort has fallen on the shoulders of my dear Wife. I never saw her so fatigued as she is every night.

Will you believe it there are now besides the scholars more than 30 persons in our employ-- what are we doing-- ans’r trying to build up Jubilee College.

Last sunday[sic] Dr Southgate was ordained y’r Uncle D. read Morning prayer. The Rev. S. Chase preached a capital Sermon & five persons were confirmed-- the sac’t administered to 53.

Mr Coolidge was one of the persons confirmed and a more altered man you never saw.

I am myself visiting my 5th n° of Reminis’[.] I am just now today in Congress and often speaking with my best of friends & Brother the Senator from Vermont. I have him now in [my] minds eye as he used then to rejoice with me at the passage of my bill for a township of land for Kenyon College thro’ the Senate.

I hope you’ll read in the “Witness” about our “Missionary [Mill]” wheels all going to but not a kernel in the Hoper for the poor missionaries bread. They nearly starving[sic].

We all send love to you: and beg you to mention us kindly to all dear friends

Tell me in your next letter what that “pernicious doctrine” is which the Millerites prach in your Church.

Sam’l[sic] Sermon will be printed: I will send you a copy when it comes from the press[.] I want an Ox teamster or two. Don’t laugh at this but if you know what service they would be to the building up of our College you would not wonder. P. Chase

Letter to Laura Chase



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