Philander Chase



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Philander Chase recalls childhood memories of singing hymns with his sister. He also assures her of the promise of Heaven.




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Jubilee College 15 July 1842

My dear Sister Rachael

Your short note appended to my Grand Daughter Laura Chase’s letter affects me exceedingly. I grieve at the thoughts of your present illness, knowing as I do its extreme painfulness.

I grieve that your natural vivacity seems to flag and hopes of a recovery seems to grow faint. But amidst these causes of affectionate sympathy I rejoice at the evident triumph of your faith. You seem to realize what I would pray may never be absent form my conscious mind, that there is another and a better state than this: that death to which we are so fast approaching is swallowed up in Victory by the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: and that this Mortal shall put on immortality and that an eternity of Blessedness purchased by the blood of the Son of God will follow this transiting life of wretchedness. May the Holy Ghost continue to nourish in our hearts these plants of heavenly origin till they bring forth fruits in the kingdom of Heaven.

Dear, Dear Sister Rachael! May we be united in faith & hope and eternal happiness as we have been in paternal affection ever since we recognize each others infant faces, on our own Mothers knees and while reposing on her affectionate bosom. Do you remember when we used to sing hymns together before we knew how to raise an octave? Those we’re[sic] happy days, and in bringing them to remembrance my eyes fill with tears, shall I say that they are those of regret that they are never more to return? Nay-- I rejoice that the recollection of them is preserved on my mind to form a model of that state of spiritual sincerity of heart & devotion of soul to God and his glory which the Saviour of the world commended when he set forth Children as a pattern of all truly converted persons.

You speak of James your dear Son: Where is he? I shall never cease to pray that God may watch ever over him for good be he where he may.

My dear Wife is well as it[sic] dear Laura. The two Sarah’s, Mary and all the Rest. Sam’l is sometimes indisposed: but not is quite well

We have moved from the Robins Nest to the College Hill; and I am now writing this in the Library of Jubilee College already having proceeded in numbering to 1620 Volumes.

I am to set off on my journey in the visitation of the Northern part of my diocese nex[sic] tuesday[sic] the 19th Dudley my dear Son now in orders will accompany me. He is accounted a good preacher. I would wish his constitution were stronger than it is. Give my love to all & believe me ever your most loving brothe[sic] Philander

15th July 1842

My dear Laura

You see I have exhausted all my spare time in ans’g your aunts letter:

Let this suffice for the present.

I am almost distracted with care but am always your affectionate grand Father

Ph’r Chase

Letter to Rachel Denison



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