Philander Chase



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Philander Chase asks for an update on the health of his sister Rachel, as he has not heard from her in some time.




Philander Chase, Joseph Denison, Rachel Denison, health


Jubilee June 24th 1842

Dear Brother:

I am exceedingly anxious to hear from you and dear Sister Rachael: Will you have the goodness to write me how she is and how you all are. Various accounts of Dear Rachael’s ill health have reached us- Do relieve our minds. Our prayers are frequent and ardent for your welfare.

I have not been able to learn any tidings of your son James. I hope by this time you’ve had good tidings.

How is Brother Dudley, Simeon and Sister [Cotton]? Nobody writes us but Dear Grand Daughter Laura; and her letters are but bits of things. I suppose she is treating me according to the merit of my own poor short epistles to her. She sh’d remember her duty is otherwise.

We have very cold weather; shall, we fear, [failing] our Corn crops-- Wheat & oats, I believe, will turn out well; for which we are, I trust, truly thankful

You see what we are about from what you have already re’d from us. Soon will you will get the Journals your Convention and that will inform you of our spiritual condition.

We have moved over the Meadows, on the College Hill into the New Building designed for the school for females. It is now vacation-- &, bad as the times are, we hope for some success

Our health is generally good- Dudley was ordained in the first week in June at Rushville. He proves a capital preacher. He is quite grave and discreet is his deportment.

My best love to all enquiring friends and accept the same yourself from yr affectionate Brother

Philander Chase

Letter to Dr. Joseph Denison



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