Philander Chase



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Philander is about to set off on a tour of the southern parts of the Diocese and requests information on his finances from Samuel.




finances, tour, mill, Sophia Chase, Henry Chase, Dudley Chase, Divinity School


1841 - 19. May

To the Rev S. Chase:

My dear Sir:

On monday [sic] or tuesday [sic] next I am to set off on my tour of duty to the southern part of the Diocese.

Before I go I would be glad to know the state of my accounts - meaning by [that] term all that concerns the store as well as myself. My indebtedness to others - & the indebtedness of others to me.

The results of my [cash] are kept chiefly by Mrs Chase my dear wife, she will furnish me.

The Mill acc’t of flour is all important. How many [Bills] have been sent away and how many on hand. The results of the grinding on shares or otherwise

Please confer with my Son Henry - whom I wish to meet at my house with you to consult on matters in general - necessary to the known & acted on in my absence. The hour of convening next Monday ‘forenoon you will fix yourselves and let me know

We meet tomorrow Saturday to examine the students in Divinity. Please consult with Dudley at what time and place the s’d Meeting Shall be

I have risen as usual before [?] sun and write this by candle light. My head aches for want of sleep & by reason of care

I suppose the usual drowsiness will come on me after breakfast. The meanwhile I must be employed in making the pile of unanswered letters less than it is.

Ever your faithful friend & Obedient Servant in the Lord.

Phil’r Chase

Letter to Samuel Chase



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