Philander Chase



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Philander updates his sister Rachel on his tour, the Convention, and his writings, and wishes they could have met in New York. He tells her he is having a portrait done of himself, and that his daughter Mary will be the Lady Abbess of the female department at Jubilee College.




Philander Chase, Rachel Denison, travel, tour, General Convention, New York, Connecticut, Jubilee College, Mary Chase, Reminiscences of Philander Chase


471 Broad Way N York

Oc’t 22 1841

Dear Sister Rachael

Mr Goodwin told me he saw you at his house in Hartford, well.

Would that we had met during my present visit to the Atlantic States. But it seems God hath ordered to the contrary. May we meet in Heaven where I trust our Dear Brother Baruch has gone since I saw you last!

The Gen’l Convention is over and I am waiting for the blessings usually vouchsafe to me when engaged in in[sic] Great work.

The donations begin to come in. Those that don’t give always los ten times as much some other way. A Gold watch was sent to me yesterday to help me build Jubilee College

The Reminiscences are well rec’d another edition is called for of the first n° The Portraids (I mean the prints of my fat face) begin to go off rapidly. You can’t afford to buy one!!

Dear Sister don’t be angry with me. I tell you there has been a likeness of your brother Philander before this.

I hear from home: all are well & doing well. I have told them to go the work of quarrying stone directly for the West wing of the schoolhouse & chapel of Jubilee College. Dear Mary my only daughter is Lady Abbess of the female department. Youll hear more of this soon in the Ch. Periodicals. She is devoted to the work of female christian education.

I go tomorrow with Dr Jarvis to Middletown & Hartford where I shall stay 4 or 5 days, and return wither & go to Va. and thence home. O winter! winter! I dread thee in my long journey. All say I look young yet I find it far otherwise. I am feeble in my limbs and quite unfit for this incessant travelling

Love to the Dr & Rachael & all your loving

Brother Philander Chase

Letter to Rachel Denison



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