Philander Chase



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Philander informs Dudley that their brother Baruch died on March 4th.




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Jubilee. Robins Nest 27. March, 1841

Very dear Brother Dudley;

Our dear Nephew, Benj’n Chase of Phil’a, had just written me that his Father our much loveed [sic] Brother Baruch Chase departed this life on the 4th. These tidings deeply affect me and all our family. We have been in tears, not of those who have no hope of another and better state: but of pure affection and love, for the loss even for a little time of so good a brother, Baruch.

On the 2’d of Mar, (only one day intervening) he wrote me a good letter and in a strong hand giving his love and blessing. His words were,

“We all send our love to you and to each of your family. These, I think, are the last words he ever wrote. I wish I had more of the particulars of his death.

In the Christian sense he is not dead but sleep[ing] - We shall soon go to him. May we die in faith of a blessed immortality thro’ Jesus Christ our lord - May God bless you all amen

P Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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