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Philander informs Rachel that he has begun writing his Reminiscences, a book of true stories intended to teach Christian morals, and describes the different chapters.




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Robins Nest Jubilee College

27. of Dec’r 1840

My dear Sister;

I read with grateful emotions your few words of P.S. in a letter to Laura. I have reason to be thankful that your health is good, also that of your beloved family; and that our most beloved Relatives at Bethel and Randolph are well.

The same mercies by a kind Providence are extended to us here in the far West; for altho’ my dear wife by reason of her having to do all the work in the kitchen as well as be my Post Master and keep us all so neatly clad, is very much fatigued and worn down yet she continues in good spirits and is the mainspring of our domestic happiness.

As to myself there is no alteration except that I think I am every day more & more grateful to the Good God who orders all things in mercy to those who put their trust in him. I rise every day long before daylight as I always have done. We have both wood and stone coal in plenty. The fire is never out the whole night having continued to burn in the grate I renew it with a little wood and abundance of Coal in the morning as soon as I step from my bed so that ere I am dressed there is a blazing hot fire when I make my toilette and go to my work. And what you will ask is that now in my old age? Answer I am preparing my “Reminiscences.” Of the printing of these I have told you before in a prospectus which I beg you to circulate everywhere. But this is a digression from the subject matter of their contents. Their great object is the inculcation of Religion & Christian Morals: and altho’ the reader is not told of this in so many words yet I trust he will be impressed with the truth of this remark experimentally before he has done even with One [No’r].

Our own family will be no further spoken of than will gratify every generous reader who may take an interest in my unworthy self & the goodness of God will be everywhere conspicuous.

I shall have the following stories in it

[Viz] 1. “The [Pine]apple.” illustrative of the sin of Covetousness

2. Conscience its own acc[user] - My Yellow Boy Bill

3. Depreciated [Cunning]. The Physicians Bookseller

4. A lying Spirit exorcized - The boy who feined himself dumb.

5. “He begun it.” The evil consequences of self justification.

6. Female fortitude. [Or] the first female settler above [Hill] on Lake Erie

7. Self destroying Tyrant, Revenge.

6 [sic]. Leaving Hartford. Gods power & wisdom

7. The assignation of a Miss’y and his Wife in Cleaveland.

8. Big babes in the woods. Or the misguided Parson and planter in the wilds of West Florida.

&c, &c, &c.

This is not the order in which these stories will stand for I have numbered them accidentally.

There will be a Thread of Narrative thro’ the whole tho the Chapters will be all distinct. I pray the work (if printed) may do good to the souls of men as well as to myself now destitute of the means of living. I shall set down nothing but facts: and deduce no reflections but such as will tend to holiness and peace;

My dear Wife desires to be kindly remembered to you, my dear Sister; and I hope you’ll not forget me when speaking to all friends especially to your husband who hope by this time [is] a [sound] Churchman

May God bless you all in the devout prayer of your loving brother


Letter to Rachel Denison



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