Sarah Jarvis



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Sarah Jarvis entreats Chase to see her while he is in New York.




Brooklyn, Jarvis, Griswold


My dear Bishop Chase,

I see [?] the papers that you have come to New York, and it is a great pleasure to [?] to think I shall see you again, and hear your kind voice once again in this [world].

Where shall I find you? I know every moment of your time must be preoccupied, but I cannot let you go till you renew the blessing that you gave to me and to my children when [you] were about to depart for Europe.

My eldest daughter and myself are living with Mrs. Dearth, an intimate friend of our excellent and venerable Bp. Griswold. We dine at two o’clock and it would delight my heart if you could put yourself into the Fulton Jersey boat and steal over to us some day. (You see, dear sir, I am apprised of your active habits, or I could not make such a request) or if you will give me one line by post to tell me when and where I may find you, though it be for the shortest interview.

With great veneration

I am

Right Rev’d & dear Sir

Your affectionate friend & [?]

Sarah M Jarvis

Brooklyn, near the Fulton Jersey 78 Henry Street

July 23 1840

Letter to Philander Chase



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