Dudley Chase



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Dudley has arrived in St Albans, but has had to help on a jury case.




Randolph, VT


George Chase, Dudley Chase, Randolph, St Albans



St. Albans Dec 14th 1817

Dear George,

I arrived here on Friday 11 A.M. & found a letter from Judge Breighton, (who had on Wednesday adjourned the Court ‘till Friday Morning gone home informing me that he could no further proceed with the business of the court. I accordingly immediately repaid to the Courthouse, and [disposed] of these jury trials before dinner, in the evening of two more and yesterday of five. Tho’ there are about 40 trails yet on the docket, I am in some hopes of finishing the business in the [close] of next week at the monday after.

I shall write you again when at [Bennington], and tell you that when on way here, I saw an officer of the Army, a Cap’t C Cerk, son of Old Rifle, who inform’d me that he was well acquainted with Leut. Taylor, the gentleman who borrow’d cash of me at N. York; that he has often heard Taylor mention me, and of his acquaintance with me at N. York. Tay has lately has a duel with Maj Mclaughlin exchanged too shots, & wounded Mr Mclaughlin each time. Tho’ not dangerously.

Give my love to your dear Aunt & all the family.

Yours & theirs most affectionately

D. Chase

Letter to George Chase



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