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Philander Chase relates to an unknown recipient his correspondence with Joseph W. Saber about the fulfilment of his subscription for Jubilee College, and his subsequent success in funding the fall amount.




South Carolina Professorship, Saber, Colonel Richardson, Jubilee College, Bowen, Dehon


A consciousness of this proximity to objects once most dear to me, I trust, was not without a salutary effect as expressed to you in former letters. My eyes filled and flowed with tears afresh when I reflected that this was the best time, I ever shall enjoy the unspeakable pleasure of imploring on my knees, so near the remains of these loved ones, that heavenly grace which alone can enable me to imitate their virtues. Adieu, sacred resting place of “just-men-made perfect”! Adieu! I shall see thee no more till God shall say to thee, and to all the Earth and the Sea “give up your dead.”

1 o’clock P.M. came to my lodgings among many friends, Joseph W. Saber, of this city, called to see me. After some words of introduction I addressed him nearly in the following terms.

“Very dear Sir

“It is my wish in addition to the great help which the cause of Illinois will receive from the excellent names which now adorn my list of subscribers that Jubilee College particularly the South Carolina Professorship shall have inscribed on her front pillars the names of the two most revered [Prelates], the late Bishops of this Diocese [Dehon] and Bowen, having married a daughter of the latter. Will you in the name of that [Apostle] [and] Pastor, your ever venerated now deceased relative, and for the sake of his virtues which ought to be had in everlasting remembrance, and in behalf of all his surviving family, guarantee one half of the remaining sixth part of the South Carolina Professorship?”

To this question after a little consideration, he answered most cheerfully - “Yes” - and afterwards added, “I am content to do so and at this present, if you will write Bishop Dehon’s name first as he is the prior prelate.”

“But,” said I, “the friends of that Bishop I have not had time sufficiently to consult, nor they to consider this proposition.”

“The suggestion was your own,” said he “that they should stand together, and his name must go first as he lived first. When this is done,” he continued “I will sign and promise the sum required for Bishop Bowen.”

At this critical juncture, I saw my duty and the necessity of promptly performing it. “The Bishop of Illinois” [?]”will subscribe and guarantee, for the memory of the Rt Rev. Bishop Dehorn and on behalf of his much esteemed and loved relations, the sum requisite to complete the South Carolina Professorship.”

So there is subscribed by me $833.33 to the S. Carolina Professorship of Jubilee College in memory of those best of men the Rt. Rev. Theodore Dehon once Bishop of S. Carolina - the diocese from which the [said] Professorship is named.

A legal friend was immediately sent for who took the necessary definition of the witnesses to the several subscription and all was complete. This important paper was thus enclosed in a respectful and most affectionate letter to Colonel Richardson of St. Matthews Parish who had laid the foundation of this noble deed by his promise of one third of $10.000 should others be found to complete the whole.

As his near Relation was to set off for the residence of this generous subscriber on the following day (the same in which I am now making this entry in my journal) it is now at this moment on the road to its final completion. When it will be returned and recorded in this entry by my dear friend D.H.S. [Young].

This far the [?]. Godspeed! when many faithful hearts will be made willing to imitate what is performed with a single eye to his glory must be pleasing in his right. Amen.

Letter from Philander Chase



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