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Philander Chase updates his sister on many areas of his life: his ongoing establishment of Jubilee College, his family in Sutton, and his ministry in Massachusetts.


Winter 1-25-1847


Philander Chase, Rachel Denison, Jubilee College, theology


Jubilee College

Jan: 25th 1847

Dear Sister Rachel,

I believe you and your daughter my dear niece are both in my debt about letter writing. But my feelings of tenderness towards you will not allow me to be silent; especially when I have good tidings to communicate.

Imprimis: We have obtained a charter for Jubilee College, just such an one as from the beginning admonished by former neglects and abuses, we have desired—a charter so guarded as not to be allowed to dwindle into mere secular learning.

Secondly Our first commencement is fixed on the 7th day of July next when we expect many of our friends from a great distance to be present and hear the Orations of our students and see the aged Bishop Chase confer degrees on such as are found worthy.

Thirdly, our friends on Jubilee Hill are all well and full of Joy and expressing hearty thanks that God hath at length heard our prayers and crowned our feeble efforts with such signal [sureness].

Fourthly, our Friends in England do not forget us and some in our own land seem to remember; yea to remember that we are yet alive.

In the fifth place, I have nearly finished my 8th number of Reminiscences: and Mary Ohio who is now with us as our best companion and charming Organist says it will do and be more entertaining than any yet published. When I shall get it is uncertain. The printing press promised me from England has not yet arrived—I mean that the money to purchase one in this country has not yet come but is expected every mail.

6thly “The Chases” in [Sutton] and Vicinity have had a meeting and resolved to proceed no further till they hear from me and obtain my consent to act as the Agent for the heirs of our great Ancestor the noted Aquila….

“Mercy on us”! you’ll say. “Does Bp. Chase of Illinois begin to believe any thing in this worn out story?” No: dear Sister & I said as much in answer to them. Just as I replied to the Bishop of New Hampshire when he addressed me on the subject. Till I see some better evidence of the fact I shall continue to think it all a hoax. Yet:

The letter from [Sutton] was so respectful and from persons so artless and withal so friendly to me that I could not find in my heart to answer them but in very civil terms: thanking them for the confidence they had [rested] in me and promising that when I wrote or went to England I would try to fulfill all their wishes so far as might go.

They talked about someone from the great meeting held in Yarmouth!! having been to Boston & examined “Documents.” In reply I said this word sounds big but in reality it is no greater than any other word till we know what is in it.

And now, dear Sister, I would say to you, what I desire God would imprint on my own soul, Let us rather look over and beyond [Jordan/London] than trouble ourselves about the miserable enjoyments tasted in the wilderness, let all our cares and all we do relate to those fields and in those imperishable enjoyments which God hath prepared in the heavenly Canaan.

If we get wealth let it serve to increase the Army of the faithful who march close to the Ark of the Covenant, the Church of the Ever blessed Redeemer.

If we taste anything with delight let it be the of Manna from above; if we drink let us be sure it is not mingled with the muddy waters of Rome, or of Korah and his Company. In short; let nothing be dear to us but Jesus our true Josuha — who, in God’s good time will conduct us in Triumph to the Temple in the Hills “whose walls are Salvation & whose gates praise.”

My dear wife begs to be kindly & most affectionately remembered to you and your good husband. Mrs. Russell, you know, is all we would wish of an angel in mortal form: she also sends best love. Dudley & his wife & his wife’s sister are all well as are Henry & Philander & Mary my only daughter. Philander lost his sweet babe & namesake some time [?]. His wife has suffered much since, but is now getting better. Do let me hear from you; dear Sister and believe me as always

Your loving Brother,

Philander Chase

Letter to Rachel Denison



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