Philander Chase



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Philander Chase urges his brother Dudley to come visit him in Philadelphia as he attends the General Convention of the Episcopal Church there.




Philander Chase, Dudley Chase, General Convention


Philadelphia Sep’t 4th 1838

My dear Brother Dudley;

I arrived here last night and found my old & Dear Friends Mr & Mrs Paul beck still living and in good health and glad to see me.

You know the [?] which brings me here 12 or 1500 miles from my poor home & manifold & pressing duties at the far west: & that is of an imperious nature to attend the General Convention of our Church & to plead the cause of my poor neglected Diocese.

To go further than this I am nor permitted by Providence.-- Would that it were possible that I could see you & our other dear relatives in Vermont & N. Hampshire: but my duty to the dear ones left behind & to the Church there forbids it. I must return immediately after the Convention which I think will be in session about 10 days. Perhaps I may go on to N. York to settle some pecuniary business there but no further. I shall be in that city perhaps but a few hours.

Will you not let me hear from you while I am here? If I dare to say so-- O that I could see you and Dear Olivea[sic] my old and best friend and sister while I stay in Phila’. But of this let God dispose. If you come, come immediately & see one always loves you more than tongue can tell or words express

Philander Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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