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Philander Chase once again tells his nephew Intrepid Morse about his garden and how successful his summer harvest has been. He also lists the cities he visited during his tour of the Diocese of Illinois.




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Robins Nest J. th. 1838

My very Dear Nephew

I am once more in the Nest. Since the [Con’v] have visited the following places which are on your map of Ill:

Beardstown. Springfield -- Jacksonville -- Naples -- Alton [--] Edwardsville, where I ordained the Rev. Mr. Darrow -- Marine settlement. Collinsville. St: Louis -- Quincey -- Columbus -- Pittsfield. Griggsville -- Peoria. Ottowa Vermilion [River] thence to Peoria again & home-- found all well00 the boys had been very industrious and never did one little farm look neater. [?]: one full acre of Sugar beet, looks beyond all example fine. Shall have enough to make sugar for my family the year round. Wheat not so good as usual-- but oats very fine and Indian corn beyond compare. Four acres of Ruttabaga[sic] just in and [up] just thick enough and no weeds.

Potatoes 2 acres never better. Melons just beginning to shew themselves, shall doubtless have plenty & to spare-- All this to be looked upon: and thanking God most devoutly for his mercies to rush into the Nest & see the pile of letters (come in my absense) to be answered. A pleasing task if all were like yours & the 4th ultima. Dear Cousin how judicious you are about all things especially about the Rev Mr. H. He has been among us & with Bp. Kemper; the latter says in a letter to a Friend, “Bp C. is welcome to him, I would not take him as a gift/” What I shall do with him I know not: he stays with his family at Vin’nes Ind’a --But to pass to a more agreeable subject. Blessed by God that there is some hopes for my dear Grand Daughters recovery of her legacy. Yes; by all means write to Mrs. E.B.--m Your [sweet] and delicate letters can never do harm and may do much good-- -- How I long to see you! but this is impossible unless they do me a little Justice in the way of Salary. All that I can get I spend-- It comes in at one hand & goes out at the other. I know not how; I hope for some good purpose.

All my Wife’s “help” has left her and she is now her own Servant. Is not this the way for old people to end their days? Be it so: I trust we shall find rest in the grave, & thence (oh glorious faith!) rise to glory & immortality

All send love


Phil’a Chase

Letter to Intrepid Morse



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