Philander Chase



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Chase gives his wife a brief summary of his tour through the diocese and asks her to prepare it as a memorandum.




Philander Chase, Sophia Chase, tour, Lovejoy


My dear Wife:

You will have the goodness to prepare the following Memoranda--

4th June. Baptized Gen [Himman] & Mrs. Darrow in Rushville Church

5. Closed the Convention and over on

6--to Beardstown-- preached & performed divine service in the court house

7. Went to Springfield--

8-- Preached and confirmed one Geo. [Farquhar] [?]

9-- Went to Jacksonville & preached in the evening

10-- Instead of ordaining Mr. Lovejoy read the closed paper which [see] administered the Holy Communion and preached the Rev. Mr. Datch elder read prayers. Was ill and did not preach in the evening the weather was inclement and wet.

11. Wrote to several Bishops-- viz Griswold-- Brownell -- P.J. Onderdonk . . Doane -- Hopkins -- and sent a copy of my reasons for not ordaining Mr. Lovejoy.

It rains-- but I must set off for Alton. I go by the way of Naples and there take the boat.

My complaint which is a laxed state of the bowels is passing off by the free use of C. Oil & Laudanum--

In great haste and with a prayerful heart for the happiness of all the dear ones in the R.N I mist close. Let the healing wh T. if possible kept emploted.

Ever Yours P.C.

Letter to Sophia Chase



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