Philander Chase



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Philander updates Dudley on his family life and his new wife.




Philander Chase Jr.; George Chase; Gillend; Polly; Olivea; Nancy; Sven; Mary Chase; Episcopal Church; election


Poughkeepsee May 21st 1800

Dear Dud,

It is really a strange thing that I have not re’d one word from you. Have you forgotten that you had a Brother who loves you? Make the least of it, you have used me with great neglect.

Dear B[?] [?], lovely scenes of my youthful peaks! [?] of my dearest friends-- with what tender emotions does my heart glow when I think on your peaceful shades and moral walks! Where love and unreserved good humour sport unmolested by the glare of show or the pageantry of pride!

My dear wife and myself have just left convening on you and yours. Dudley’s wit, Chloe’s drollery, and Mary’s demure rep. All played alternately before our imaginations. “O were we but there for a few moments,” I sighed. “Vain wish,” says my dear wife. “But we shall see them here next winter,” We both spontaneously cried.

Dear Dud-- We are as happy as this world can make us. Our honeymoon never will end. Content, ease, and competence, there gems of as great price as much sought after and as seldom found sparkle on each bond of our little family. Little Philander has grown the stoutest boy of his age that lives in the State of New York. You would hardly know him-- This manly strength and activity astonish me. George might be dead for aught that I hear per you.

How does the Mogue? Many is the time that he has driven sleep from our eyelids altho he is far from us. You will bring him to us next winter! Dudley this time “next winter” is marked with characters of double emphasis in my calendar of fraternity. If I were possessed with the art of the Egyptians to embalm and preserve all my [?] and previous things to the age of a thousand years, I would use my art to no further extent than “dear next winter.”

Then shall my cellar o’erflow with the choicest wine and my table with the most delicious fruit that I can procure.

As it respects this event time is now a slow run [Pacing] [Fade]-- then alas she will be as fleet as the deer on the mountains of Gillead.

Mrs. C. my good wife has been sorely afflicted with many complaints, but thank God she is now pretty well recovered. She loves you and Olive, if possible better than Ada.

My Church matters are in a prosperous strain as I would wish. Every thing goes on charmingly. I am some times quite enthusiastic in my preaching. But I believe not more so than my congregation is hearing. Last Sunday in the face of every true Christian was the brim-full eye of approbation. The [?] hung down his head; I was wrought up to a pitch that seemed to whisper to me that I was not in this terrestrial world. A large Church is crowded every day.

As to Political matters, they go ahead of us. The [?] have prevailed in this state. What’s to pay I can’t say-- but I fear we shall have in congregation of this present Election an [?] French man for President! If so the Lord have mercy on us! Never were more serious times since this Country became independent. You are more safe in NH. Than we. Civil discord will tear us to pieces.

Party [?] exceedingly high but we hope for the best. Tho’ with but small grounds.

Farewell dear Dudley,

Sally sends her love to Olive and you, I join her. Give our loves to all [?] [?] and Dr. Evens and Nancy-- Kiss George for his Mother and 50 times for his loving father and your loving brother,

Philander Chase

Dudley Chase Esqr.

Attorney at Law

Randolph Vermont

Letter to Dudley Chase



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