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Chase updates his nephew on the wellbeing of his children and their upcoming travel plans. Dudley will end his studies at Washington College in Connecticut in order to study at the Theological Seminary in Alexandria.




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Robins Nest May 14 - 1838

Dear Nephew:

By this time, I have reason to think you have almost given over the expectation of seeing my dear Mary and Dudley in Steubenville. Indeed I ought to have given you the history of the events which have prevented their going to you, as I promised & expected at the time I wrote you. This would have saved you many disagreeable anxiety which I know your love for them excites in your bosom on their account. Pardon me, dear Sir, this great neglect: and join with me in grateful praise that these dear ones are yet safe here in our humble dwelling, and what is more, are resigned to the will of God under their great disappointment in not going at the time appointed.

Dudley, after his return from Galena, in very inclement weather, and thro’ very bad roads, was so indisposed that I could not think of his leaving me till his very debilitating complaint had begum to subside. He needed quietness, regular diet, and exercise without exposure. These could be joined with [stated] hours of sleep only at home: and by the blessing of God these have been the means of returning health.

In the mean time I wrote & have re’d. an answer to, a letter addressed to Dr. Keith, Principal of the Theo’l Semy; at Alexandria. This worthy gentleman rejoices at the thought of Dudley going to that Institution to prepare for Holy Orders, and says everything most acceptable to a parent’s wishes both as to his attention to his bodily health, and in his instruction in Sacred Learnings. The term of study will commence in Sepr. and I have about made up my mind to send him there to commence; & there to finish his theological studies; unless we get our Illinois Institution in full operation in the intermediate time.

The President of Washington College Hartford Connect., I know, will be disappointed at this arrangement: and [while] Dudley and the Vermont friends will mourn that one, who has endeared himself to them by his good conduct, is not to be any longer in their vicinity: indeed this aspect of the subject is painful to me: But, my son’s health will not bear the rough & tumble of a college life: besides, he is now going on 3 years of age, and all his time should be given to the studies peculiar to his sacred profession.

As to the time when you may expect to see him in Steu’lle. you can judge as well as myself: it will be early enough in Augt. to allow him to stay with you a few days on his way to Alex’a. and Mary will go with him.

If you ask the question. “Will not their Father accompany them, in his way to the Gen’l Convention? Answer: This will depend on circumstances. -- If I go: where and whence are my means? They are yet in the seed corn and oats that is yet “in the bosom of my my Mother Earth” -- waiting God’s blessing on my labour in the genial sunshine and the shower. My dear Friends in Old England have thought of me and sent my wife $274: 22/100 now lately: but with this our debts are to be paid and something purchased to appear decent and to travel on my long tours through the Diocese. My Farm in Gilead is let to “the Glopes” (bless the poor souls!) but not a dollar of rent have I re’d. (or the collection of the little debts for wich we sld our corn and potatoes there) since the commencement of the present year.

But I did not mean to trouble your kind bosom with my poor affairs. any [sic] further than to give you the true reason of my not going to the Convention. Indeed why should I go? I can do no good there: and may do much harm by my presence. I fear that under the influence of my present feelings of the injustice done me by - but I forbear - I stop to offer my devout prayers to the Good God who has for Christs sake forgiven me that he will give me grace to forgive all who without cause have injured me.

Night before last saturday the 22 of May Dudley Henry and Philander finished our corn planting about 7 or 8 acres - yesterday they all & we all attended Church here in the Robins Nest. - quite a full congregation. There are in all 27 communicants.

To day the dear young fellows [?] before the sun went before breakfast in search of the team of Oxen (N.B. you must know these useful animals in our prairie country have no inclosed pasture) - they were found and all are off -- Whither? You will ask. Answer: “too bless a poor man four miles from the Robins Nest to plough his land in season for a crop to give bread to his family. - This was the boys suggestion, and in my opinion does them more credit than to lounge about a town and attend the strolling [players] [&] on a theater as they do in our villages - Mark here. Dudley and Henry are Christians: and Philander I hope is not far behind them in giving evidence of a true faith in Christ, the fountain of all goodness!

Mary, you will find, is equal if not superior to her brothers: She reads no novels - She sings no songs but in praise of the Redeemer. She wishes to learn no [?] but that of the Sacred Organ. O that she might be gratified in this! - She wishes to attend no balls or assemblies but that of the saints in God’s house (O that she could see me!) So you see I am a glad father as well as your loving

Uncle Phr. Chase

P.S. Saml. Sarah and their two lovely children are gone to Ottowa [sic] to reside -- the Episl. School opens there I suppose this day. What success depends on God’s blessing. They write me prospects are good. - This measure is taken in view of fixing the Institution on Vermillion River. 9 miles south of the Town of Ottowa [sic] -- Three or four sections of land will be given to me for that purpose. - i.e. if the Land holdover in NYork & Phila. fulfil [sic] their promise - I expect an answer every mail- -- Should it be favourable. I shall lay out the town and commence. So you have a hit of what is going on.

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