Dudley Chase



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Dudley's business in Vermont has been very successful so he has not had time to write. Dudley has agreed to postpone the French Project. He tells George to let him know if he needs any financial help before George visits Dudley In Vermont.




Randolph, VT


Dudley Chase, Vermont, George Chase, Randolph, French


Randolph June 9th 1817

Dear George,

Your serial letter of the 15th & 24th of May were rec’d in due cause of mail and gave us all a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction. I have not yet found time to write the detailed responses to your several letters which they so much deserve and I have so often promised. THe cause of my [omitting] a duty so agreeable in itself, is to be found in my anxiety to be in the fashion, the top-notch of which is the most active industry imaginable in the vocation wherewith we are called. Indeed there never existed a more active and industrious people than in Inhabitants of Vermont are at the present time. Everybody, man woman & child are most busily engaged in labour. Professional men have laid hold of the implement of husbandry; Idlers have disappeared as have [?] and their sloth and [dissipation]. You will not therefore be surprised that I, who must be delighted with such a state of things, should ding it difficult to spend a moment at my desk more than is necessary for the dispatch of business; and to drop a word of acknowledgement to the best of Friends.

I have rec’d a letter from your Mother dated May 28th giving an out of her preset situation and future prospects. She also mentioned you most affectionably [sic], and spake of your [destination] with much interest. But as you probably know all that was in her letter relative to the affair and calculations of your father. I need not particularize them.

I want you should write me soon and inform me of the probable demands and possible claims which may be made on your for cash previous to your return to Vermont. Give me also an account of your funds, or rather, finances, that I may be able to judge whither any pecuniary aid from me would be of assistance to you. Also inform me how I can remit to you in case you should want cash.

As to your French project, I have considered, not to give it up, but to postpone it for the present. Your Mother doubts you seem reluctant, and we all want you here too much to yield to a longer separation. [Nevertheless], as you said about your western expedition “faith it was a good plan”. Tomorrow Morning I commence my attendance with the circuit of the S. Court, and shall be engaged for more than 9 weeks; shall be at home only on Sundays; will then write you if anything rare occurs. All are well & desire to be affectionately remembered to you — excuse haste & brevity.

Yours forever,

Dudley Chase

Mr. George Chase

Letter to George Chase



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