Philander Chase



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Philander Chase inquires about the status of a student at the seminary, named Mr. Lovejoy.




Philander Chase, James De Pui, O. Lovejoy, seminary



Robinsnest Jan 1. 1838

Rev and D’r Sir

The Rev Mr. O. Lovejoy was at the commencement of his studies for the ministry left to your care, both as it respects his moral and religious deportment and his progress in theology. Will you have the goodness to state to me whether you have had full opportunities to fulfil what I had reason to expect of you and from you in this respect? In doing this will you be particular?

What books has Mr. L read under your direction inspection, besides those which you mentioned in a former letter? Has he exercised himself in the composition of Theses subject to your inspection? I do not think it sufficient to rely on the circumstance of Mr. L’s having had the privilege of a theological Library before he began the study of theology with the Church: nor is it to be expected that one examination of him in my presence will suffice in convincing me that I do not err in his ordination. The solemn injunction to “lay hands suddenly on no man” incumbent on the Bishop ought to influence him to take peculiar care, especialy situated as we are so far removed from each other; that a man be not hastily thrust into the ministry. My past experience has taught me a salutary lesson in this respect.

I will conclude this letter which I write you in that confidence which A Bishop has a right to expect of one of his counsel of advice with one more observation as the respect of my own thought on the subject now before us: is this that the term of three years candidateship for the ministry was evidently fixed on for the attainment of two important ends, first to give the person time to study theology as required by the canons: secondly to afford him opportunity to develope his full character, as it respects his moral and religious fitness for so sacred an office.

If these ends can be answered with less time than that specified, I should be writing to ordain and not else.

Your faithful Friend

and Pastor

Letter to James De Pui



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