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Chase tells his nephew that he is preparing Dudley for Heaven, as he is very sick and near death. He also writes about Mr. Radley, a new parishioner in his church, thanks Intrepid for his generous and useful gifts, and informs him that he his salary has been deemed unconstitutional and he has returned the money.




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Robinsnest Augt. 13 1837

9 o’clock P.M

Dear Nephew;

You see by my date that it is sunday evening. We have just arrisen [sic] from our [knees] in family Worship of that Great and Good Being who made & Redeemed us and on whose bounty we continually live. The former part of this sacred day has also been employed in his service. Our congregation here on the frontiers is not so numerous as yours in the city; yet I think it is by no means wanting in true piety. You will be pleased to learn that your dear Cousin Ruth, Mr. Samuel Chase’s Mother with his sister and dying brother Dudley form a part of our true worshippers. The bed of the sick and a pale youth is pleased, tho’ in another rom, to face the Speaker & and [sic] I have good reason to believe he joins sincerely in the praises of that Church in its militant state which in triumph over sin & death he will I trust soon join in heaven. That this dear youth is here to be a subject of my poor ministrations, to receive “the laying on of hands” from my unworthy elf, & that I should have the great and unspeakable privilege of being instrumental in fitting & preparing him for Heaven is a matter of amazement and wonder. But all is reconciled by the consideration that God delighteth to glorify his great name by making use of the weakest and most inefficient instruments. That all the praise may be asserted to him. [This] only, Sunday before last I confirmed him and gave him our dear Henry & Mary the Holy Sacrament. Our whole number of Communicants was 18.

A Mr. Radley, a devout man about 30 years of age who has come here from NYork State well recommended as a Candidate for Holy Orders and now inhabits a small tenement of ours (a log cabin 14 by 15 feet about 2 miles from the Robinsnest) attends constantly our worship: and as he understands [music] and performs well on the [Bapbiol] our chants and sacred songs are by his means much improved to our spiritual benefit. It would do your heart good to witness the tears of joy we shed when singing the praises of redeeming love even here in our lonely dwelling -- especially since God has so mercifully spared me a little longer and restored me to comparative health after my late severe accident; -- of which you doubtless have been [apprised] by the public prints. --

Your presents by Dr. Castle were most thankfully recd. - We all have reason to believe there is something [provideally] appropriate to our wants in all you send us. - The same was mentioned this very evening with wonder. It would make you smile were I to go into particulars as Mrs. Chase did a few minutes ago. - Imprimis. A bottle of ink when we much needed it. - a set of [castors] to supply the place of which was stolen from us. - Wine for the Holy Sacrament when there was none to be had. Pure excellent vinegar for two persons one the Dear [Lucia] & the other our Dear Philander suffering under a severe attack of the Dysentery. A [care] of [neighbours] [?] who was about going 15 miles for a [?] ([?]) - a greek grammar, at the very time Mr. Chase was hunting for one in vain - in our library - a bag of hops for Mrs. Russell which as a pillow has kept her from many a sleepless night and for which she verily believes you are endowed with the power of second sight. - Indeed it has done her so much good in this way that we dare not [inquire] her grateful feelings by telling her that it is possible you may have sent it her for “[Hop-?]” -- Last of all two lamps at the time our box of candles were nearly gone.

As to the present for Henry in a polyglot Bible & the velvet Sermon case for Philander which belonged to his dear Brother, the Divine goodness has yet to develope [sic] their usefulness.

On the whole (comprehending many [the] [most] precious articles), we have to express our most grateful feelings. Please accept them as an [earnest] of your reward thro’ Jesus Christ (whose divine grace prompted them) in a better world.

Do write oftener to me who the older I grow love you better and better.

All send love to you and all under your roof - accept the same from

Your affectionate Uncle

Philander Chase

Rev. I. Morse

P.S. on Monday Morning

You see by the Report of the Board of Michigan of our Church that the matter of granting me a salary was a mistake on all hands. In them to vote it in the first place, and in me to receive it. --

The Whole Church as concentrated in this body have declared it Unconstitutional. As a necessary result of my conscience dictated the immediate return of the $1,000 which I had recd. for the last year, and most devoutly I pray that it may be appropriated to a more worthy purpose than to the maintenance of me and my family in our luxury and ease.

Most providentially the little sum, sent by the Ladies in England to Mrs. Chase to build a comfortable dwelling to supply the place of the house destroyed by fire, had not been expended for want of a title to the land on which we have “[?]”. It was still in the hands of [Messers] A & G Ralston of Phila. We therefore seized the opportunity and [drew] for it to pay this thousand Dollars back again into the missionary fund, and in so doing feel a relief of inexpressible delight.

Since we drew on A & G R. we have heard that they had without [advice] fearing expected failure transformed our funds to the hands of Paul Beck Esqr. To the latter person I wrote on Saturday to pay the draft --- So all will be right. - Blessed be God for his mercies. We have a Cabin and that is better than we deserve.

Letter to Intrepid Morse



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