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Winter 11-24-1835


My dear Bishop Chase,

I am very much obliged to you for your kind letters, and for the sight of your appeal. I sincerely rejoice that you have been hitherto so successful, and trust you will go and prosper by God’s blessing in all the good you are wishing to practice in your dear Diocese.

I should write to [?] if you can forsee any idea how long your stay will be in the country. I trust that I shall see you; if you go to [?] we should come in between the two. I should indeed be sorry not to see you. Alas any [?] of aiding you are not what they were when you had my dearest husband’s able assistance but you will have the widow’s [?] and her best wishes and prayers.

George wishes their for the [?] and hopes to be able to call on you, best he can only for a few days in town now and [?] on his hands.

Will you remember me very kindly to all the family you are with and offer them very hearty congratulations on their son’s marriage, which I hope is one which gives them satisfaction.

My children beg to be remembered to you

Believe me yours sincerely

G.W. Marriott

Letter to Philander Chase



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