Peter Roe



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Fall 11-24-1835


My Dear Sir,

I have heard of your afflictions and have felt for you under them but you must not heard any communication for you received consolation from Him who has any griefs [?] carried over [?]. May you [?] in that consolations [?] you are [?] to the ugliness of certainty. Hopefulness [?] glory. There may be much there may be little, there may be sing the [?] of Moses and the Lamb.

I hope you enjoyed visiting [?] before your return to America. I think you expect do it, and I can scarce [?] be forced [?] to [?] in forwarding the great object which you have in [?]. There is great facility for travelling [?]. In a short time you carried [?] double forth - and [?] more of the [?] - you shall have a hearty welcome under this roof and [?] should I and my family be to have you [?] with us [?] for a day [?] we will hope for a longer stay from you [?] that, as I [?] that you cannot now return till spring.

Mr. Roe and my daughter join in [?] and in [?] wishes that we may see you here with my dear sir

Letter to Philander Chase



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