Lady Carnegie



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Lady Carnegie appeals to Bishop Chase to meet with her so she may hear more about his work and the church and discusses the her own experiences and connections to Chase.




Edenborough, Episcopal Church


Lady Carnegie begs to [?] Bishop Chase that it would have been very gratifying to her to have enjoyed the privilege of meeting with him had it been the will of Providence that he should visit this distant part of the [?]. She is much obliged to him for conveying her friend [?] Claiborne’s letter, and for sending along with [?] the interesting account of his extensive Diocese. Though she herself belongs to her own national church, which is Presbyterian, she is equally anxious for the spread of the [?] faith by the Episcopal Church and much [?] to the danger there is of an increase of [?] superstition wherever the [?] light does not prevail. A great effort is now making by the established church in Scotland—and all who belong to it— in order to meet the wrath of an [?] [?] which, in addition to other [?] claims [?] a out of her [?] to [?] the interesting claims of the [?] when others or to meet them herself as she could have [?]. But she begs that Bishop Chase will accept of a small donation of fine [?] (for both on any other [?] together with her good wishes and prayers for every [?] on himself and on the interesting work to which he has been so long [?] so [?] devoted.

Daley House 2 January 1836

Lady Carnegie

Daley House [?]


Jan. 2 1836

Letter from Lady Carnegie



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