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Dudley expects his visit to see George to be delayed, either by weather or the Senate failing to adjourn.




Washington D.C.


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Washington March 2nd 1817

Dear George

I wrote you yesterday, but was in such a hurry and surrounded by so much noise and confusion that I scarcely know what I wrote. I then enclosed to you thirty dols to supply ‘till I meet you in New York, which I hope will be as soon as a week from tomorrow morning. But should I not arrive ‘till Tuesday or Wednesday morning, you must not feel uneasy. The roads [ahead]. The Senate may not adjourn. So soon unexpected, business may delay or the weather may retard my journey, one two or three days. You will doubtless, spend your time in the greatest commercial city in America, to profit and satisfaction.

Your hand further has not written me a word since you left Hartford. I also saw the advertisement you mentioned, and was led to the same conclusion, with you. Whatever may be his plans and destination, may health and affluence and what is more, Contentment, be his constant companion.

Yours most affectionately,

Dudley Chase

Mr. George Chase

Letter to George Chase



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