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Bp. Chase implores his granddaughter to pray often and fervently as recent deaths and illnesses in the family have shown that youth is often cut short, and one must always be prepared to meet God. He also notes that Sarah has given birth to another daughter, who is now a month old.




Dr. Castle, Mr. Morse, Chicago, Galena, Samuel Chase, Mary Chase, Dudley Chase, Henry Chase, Philander Chase, Sarah Chase, Lucia Sophia Chase


Robinsnest Peoria Co. M

July 25 1837

My dear Grand Daughter Mary

Your letter was brought by Dr. Castle: and when I came home about a week since I had great pleasure in perusing it. - There was no date to it but I would guess the time it was written by your advice to Mary about sowing the seeds which were so kindly sent us by Mr. Morse and yourself. Mary your aunt is delighted with the little instrument which your good Mother sent her, but finds that [preception] which accompanied it was meant to instruct in playing on a larger instrument of the kind. Perhaps there was some mistake.

I am truly thankful for the present which your Gd.Father Wells sent me: for in the absence of all [here] wine in this country it is unspeakably gratifying to find in this providential blessing the means to administer the Holy Sacrament according to our Blessed Saviour’s institution without admixture from the unbelieving [?].

I have reason to bless God that your health has been restored in good degree since your bilious attack. How pleasing would it be if I were assured that the goodness of God to you in this respect would lead you more & more to seek the salvation of your soul thro’ Jesus Christ our Lord. May I not hope that it is [?] so? - Do you pray often, and constantly and fervently that you may be made holy thro’ the blood of Christ? It is by so doing only that you can expect grace to withstand the temptations of the world and finally be fitted to enjoy the presence of God in peace; and the fellow ship of the saints in light among whom is your dear Father. If he could speak to you and know that I am now writing to you what strength would he add to my [?] that you may be prepared to meet him when you die! -- You know the way to do this. God’s word explicated by your excellent [&] pious step Father, my ever loved nephew will I trust guide your feet. O that God would touch your heart also to make you of a willing mind now in the days of your youth to [sense] the Lord and shun the vanities of the world. If these wishes should seem to imply that I fear you are altogether unmindful of sacred things I would add they are meant from such purpose but only to [stir] up your mind by way of remembrance lest at any time you let precious things of eternity & life from your recollection.

When I came home from my Chicago & Galena Tour I found in the humble dwelling [?] by my family Mr. Samuel Chase’s Mother and sister Mary and brother Dudley. The last of whom is now very sick with the unyielding complaint the consumption -- I have too much reason to believe he has but a few days more to stay with us. Dr. Castle was here today & says there is no hope of his continuing much longer. How solemn is this warning to the young! This blooming youth like a flower is to be cut off in the [morn] of life just as his mind began to expand and take in the full sunshine of hope. Thus it may be with others even with you my dear grand Daughter. Your Father was removed when to all appearances it was much more befitting that myself his aged Father should be taken & he left: and if this ha been done once it may be again & again without giving any reason by which we can account for the Divine will. Be then always ready - Have your lamp trimmed and burning and your [loins] [givt] about with prayer [&] watchfulness & be shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace. Don’t think Dear Mary that I wish to make you sad by what I am now saying to you. Far be it from me to add one pang to a breast that I so tenderly love as yours. True Religion don’t make its true [?] sad. They only have reason to rejoice and be glad for they only are prepared to meet Death with cheerfulness which being inevitable must come to all.

Your uncles Henry & Philander are quite well and send their love to you. Mrs. Chase [our] & your Dear Sarah has another daughter whom she intends naming Ruth after her paternal grand Mother now [with] [us]. The dear new comer now about a month old will be baptized next sunday; when the Holy Sacrament is expected to be administered at the Robinsnest.

Tell your excellent Father, the Rev. Mr. Morse, I intend writing him a separate letter and [giving] some acct. of my late tour and of the sad accidents which befell me.

The effects of these accidents must apologize for the bad writing in this to you.

My side is too painful for me to say anything more than that I am

Ever Dear Mary

Your loving and faithful

Grand Father

Philander Chase

Sarah’s first daughter is named

Lucia Sophia: always pleasantly called “Fide” very lovely child she is!

Letter to Mary Olivia Chase



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