Dudley Chase II



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Dudley updates his uncle about his health and about his father's ministry. He also writes about the "reform" that has taken place in Gambier and that many find intolerable, as Bishop McIlvaine takes permanent residency there and many professors leave.




Robins Nest, Gambier, Mr. Sparrow, Professor Fitch, Bishop McIlvaine, Dyer, Michigan University, Stuebenville, Marcus Tullins Cicero Wing, Vermont, Peoria, Dr. Gasth


Robinsnest [GM]

July 24

My Dear Uncle,

When I remember the many pleasant days spent under your roof and in your society and the many expressions of your affection towards me I cannot consider it otherwise than a pleasure to write to you. I should not have been silent so long as I have been if it were not for the great deficiency in interesting materials of which I have now to complain.

I have [quite] a [farmer] for the last three months which I find is the best thing I can do drive away the blues. If perfectly well I should have been differently employed but Dr [Gasth] of Peoria says my complaint is an affection of the liver and will take time to remove. I am now however mending fast. All the rest of the family are in very good health. Father is much from home. Has been lately on a long tour to the southern part of his diocese.

Yesterday being Sunday he went accompanyed [sic] by all his children to the next parish about ten miles distant where he preached and baptized and afterwards called their attention to the propriety of taking measures for creating a Church to further which design he remains with them today. I dare say he will do the most towards it himself for talking to himself on the way down he said “They shall have a Church if I have to build it myself.” Truly he must have faith that “the hand of [?] will not waste soon the cruise of [our] [faith]”

He wishes very much to go to the general convention but fears he will not be able. If he does go Sister Mary will accompany him as far as Steubenville. O to make Mr. Morse a visit!

Are you aware that a reform has taken place at Gambier? Bp. McIlvaine has made it his permanent residence. Mr. Sparrow has gone to Europe for hs health. The climate of Gambier hill does agree with him at present it seems Professor Fitch is made principal of a branch of the Michigan University that will be and none of the old [?] remains except Dyer and he has been offered a parish by the Bp which he will doubtless find it his interest to accept as G.D. did on a former occasion. Even my mild cousin Marcus [Tullins] [Cicero] Wing cannot bear the new dynasty.

We continue to live very [retired] at the Robinsnest seldom seeing our neighbours except at Church and if it [even] not for such friends as you my dear Uncle to whom to communicate our thoughts I fancy we should feel rather lonely sometimes. I wish I could spend a few weeks with my relations and fair cousins in Vt. But this is vain. I hope however I shall not wait in vain for letters which may remind me I am still remembered. That I do not forget any of the many who have claims upon my regard and love is the truth with respect to your affect. [sic] Nephew Dudley Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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