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A. & G. Ralston inform Philander Chase they received a draft to withdraw $200 in Chase's name, but with no prior notice. They ask him to inform them in the future.




Ralston, Philander Chase, finances


Philadelphia June 2 1837

Dear Sir,

We have your favor dated Robins Nest Feby. 28.37. in which you advise a Draft on us for $500 payable at sight at the Bank of U. States to the order of M.O.J. A. Neal. This Draft has not yet made its appearance and of course not yet paid.

But this day there was presented to us a Draft in your name for $200-- at sight favor of for which we have no letter of advice from you, and which we hesitated some time about paying as the signature and handwriting generally differs considerably from the writing in your letter of the Feby. 28.37. We submitted the new Draft to a number of experienced persons in handwriting and some decided that it was written in the same hand as your letter, and others ever of a different opinion. We however concluded to pay the Draft and we hope you will inform us it was drawn by you.

Hereafter it is important for you to give us notice of each Draft as you draw it, so that there may be a certainty of our not paying any thing but what you really draw for. The Balance of your Finds in our hands after deducting the two Draft of $500 & 200 will be $2,829.53 which we will pay to your order in any manner you may direct.

Indeed it would be a convenience if you would draw the funds our of our hands, provided it would not incommode you, as we have no occasion for the money. If not convenient to draw the money, probably you will authorise us to invest it in some safe Stock in Trust for you?

We shall always be happy to serve you in any manner in our favor, and remain, Dear Sir,

With the greatest esteem & respect,

Your Obed’t. Serv’ts.

A. & G. Ralston &Co.

Letter to Philander Chase



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