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Philander Chase tells his brother not to send his son money for college, as he had offered in an earlier letter.




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Robinsnest 21 Feb. 183[7]

Peoria County Ill.

Dear Brother Dudley

I do most heartily thank you for the kind offer you have made my son Dudley to defray his expenses at College: but you must allow me the exercise of a deep sense of duty in refusing it. Dudley must never be with my consent placed in that position of great temptation which I have always feared proved the ruin of his Brother that of having two purses to draw on and two persons to whom he is liable for expenditures. I frankly own my poverty: but poor as I am I can not think of subjecting my son to the temptation of having it in his power to call on you for money whenever he pleases. Your generous and [unrespecting] nature being well known to him he will need more than human strength to resist the temptation to increase his wants in proportion to your benevolence; and thus the greatest blessings may be rendered the souce of much evil.

I have just now been writing to him and however painful I know it must be to his present grateful feelings towards you I have forbidden hin the accepting of your kind offer, and this on pain of forfeiting Father’s blessing.

I am happy to add that the wickedness which has one after another affected our whole family is now nearly removed from us. With the exception of the [catyrrhal] affection in my head which rages whenever under the influence of the slightest cold, we are all quite well and thankful for the great blessing.

Samuel and Sarah are with us and our children by their means laying the foundation of a useful education.

With the kindest regards to all acquaintances & love to all dear Relatives your dear Wife in particular I am

Your grateful affectionate

B’r P. Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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