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Memorandum on demand of Addison Smith for payment of services rendered




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The following is a Memorandum relating to the demand of Addison Smith Esq. for services rendered to that Sem’y of the P.E. Church in the Diocese of Ohio in looking up certain Illinois lands given by the [?] & others to the said Seminary--

Some time ‘a year or more’ before I left Gambier Ohio, and while I was the sole agent of the Theological Seminary which I had founded having rec’d some deeds of what was deemed valuable lands in the State of Illinois as gift[s] to the Institution. I thought proper to appoint Addison Smith Esq. of [Bloomington] Indiana, now of Shelbyville Illinois my attorney or agent in seeking and securing the said lands to the Institution and in estimating their value; and for his services I desired him to send me an account of his charges.

Mr. Smith performed the services required: and his letters touching the premises together with the Deeds and papers relating to the subject I handed over and committed to the hands of the Trustees (Henry Brush and others) when I quitted the Institution. This was done in the Library, my Study, well remembered by me as an important part of my duty at that memorable period of my life.

Mr. Smith’s account for his services in regular charges did not come to my hands till after I had left Gambier, and when it did arrive it had a Receipt of payment written on it at the bottom, as is usual whe[n] [?] save trouble.

This accompt in the form I received it, I transmitted to the B.M. Atherton Esq. of N. Philadelphia Ohio, who then acted as my agent to settle business [for [?]e with the Trustees of the Seminary, and requested him to collect the money for Mr. Smith and send the ava[?] to him.

Mr. Atherton wrote me [that he] had presented the said receipted accompt to the Trustees, and that they had given him no satisfaction for the same, but had kept it in their own possession.

Being unwilling that injustice should be done through my indiscretion I wrote the state of things to Mr. Smith, who returned for answer: ‘That he should hold me responsible for the amount of his demand’

[?]ten no money to spare, I could not pay him altho’ I acknowledge[d] his accomp and still do acknowledge it, to be just.

Thus the matter stood till my return from abroad; and being now settled in my Diocese of Illinois this business is pressed upon me again and payment demanded.

Thus situated I know not what to do, but to make one effort more; [be] it to draw on the Treasurer of that Institution for the payment of this just account and at the same time to explain the whole business by a brief history as above: “perhap it was an oversight” and if so they will be induced to pay Mr. Smith without further trouble.

Otherwise if they choose not to pay Mr. S. on his own behalf I presume they will not refuse my Draft on my behalf: if they will do so I will most cheerfully agree to deduct the amount from the demand which I have against them, and which I shall shortly renew for the reimbursement of One Thousand Dollars, which their books will shew, I advanced and paid into their treasury for the erection of my own dwelling house on Gambier Hill. Which if built never could be occupied as was contemplated in the conditions of the gift by me.

Accordingly: to put the business above alluded to in the right shape I say:

Treasurer of the Theological Sem’y of the P.E. Church in the [Diocese] of Ohio: Sir

Please pay Mr. Addison Smith’s account Sixty Dollars and the Interest for (say) five years, you having this account rendered but not paid.

Ph’r Chase

agent for the s’d Sem

at the time when Mr. Smith

rendered his services.

O[?] case you refuse to pay Mr. Smith’s account for his services as above [?] will pay him or his order the amount-- viz. Seventy [?] Dollars: and then deduct the same from the sum due me for [money] advanced the Seminary to build a house for me on Gambier Hill which in the event of my leaving the Seminary wrought to be returned to me

Philander Chase

Peoria County Illinois

Robinsnest Jan 16 1837

In the event of nonacceptance and non payment of the Orders written on the opposite page, for the sake of peace and justice I write thus--

Paul Beck Esq. my Treasurer in Philadelphia Pa.

Sir: Pay to the order of Addison Smith Esq. for his services rendered the Theological Seminary in the Diocese of Ohio while I was agent for the same Sixty Dollars principal and Eighteen Dollars interest for five years, on the condition that the non-acceptance and non-payment of the drafts on the opposite page be evidenced my a legal protest and recorded at the bottom thereof

Philander Chase

Peoria County Illinois

Robinsnest Jan 16 1837




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