Philander Chase



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Bishop Chase reacts to the news of the fire and applauds the fortitude of his wife in light of the news.




Philander Chase, Dudley Chase, Sophia Chase, fire


London Feb. 14 1836

Dear Brother Dudley,

I write you this more to tell you that I am alive and well than to convey to you any great tidings. I am going on, considering all things, better than I had reason to expect; so that I have great reason for thankfulness to a kind Providence for his many mercies.

The news of the destruction of my sweet Gilead-dwelling house, by fire, reached me a few days ago. At first I mourned exceedingly. The letter containing the tidings drop’d from my hands [and] I had read it half through: It was taken up by a friend and finished in my hearing. The perfect resignation and even cheerfulness of my dear wife under this heavy affliction reconciles me to the loss more than I can describe. Yet I hear by later dates from America that the winter thus far had been [memorably] severe. This is a sad [?] in view of my family in a half finished School House without floors or a chimney. And yet my wife tells me to be of good courage and go on and finish my laudable mission without any misgivings on her account!!! Blessed be the Lord that I have such an example set before me of resignation & Christian fortitude! Submission seems to be changed into Exultation for such a [signal] Mercy--

Do write my wife and another letter to my Dear Son Dudley, to cheer them.

It is now past midnight and so with best love to all friends I am your most affectionate Brother


Letter to Dudley Chase



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