Philander Chase



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Bishop Chase writes to his brother planning a trip to America for the spring and reports daily headaches.




Philander Chase, Dudley Chase, England


21 Feb. London 1836

My dearest Brother Dudley,

I wish you would write a letter to my dear wife inviting her and [Lucia] and the three children to come on from Gilead to Vermont and meet me at your house when I come from England, which I hope to do about the month of May.

I wish I could place the very day and the hour in which I might enjoy the great pleasure which this appointment contemplates: but the winds and the waves are not under my control but are governed by Him, [whose] are all things who will hear our humble prayers [thro’] Jesus Christ our Lord and grant them if agreeable to his infinite wisdom.

I have heard of the burning [who] your dear Gilead House and its understood hope for [?]. Your loving Brother Philander

If God will I shall set sail for America in April or May--

I have written to my wife not to set off from Gilead for the East till the roads are good and the navigation open.--

I have advised her to go to my relations instead of hers.

Much depends on your [wife’s] [rearrangement] of this matter. You have to deal with a noble hearted woman who loves you because I do and because you are worthy of all our love.

I am not well or I shd write a better letter.

All goes on well for Illinois--

My complain is a periodical Headache. It goes off at night and comes on in the day time.

It is now just one oclock (morning) 22nd day of Feb. 1836--

Farewell. Dearest Brother

Letter to Dudley Chase



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