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Mary Caroline Ward refers Bishop Chase to her physician upon hearing he has been taking arsenic as medicine.




Mary Caroline Ward, Philander Chase, medicine, arsenic


Putney Heath

March 1, 1836

Very dear Bishop Chase,

I am anxious to hear again from you-- how you are-- & if you are still taking Arsenic- which sounds very alarming-- I believe it is a new fashion among the doctors, to give this powerful poison, as a medicine-- at least it is in much more frequent use than it was-- I do not like to think that you are one of those upon whom an experiment is to be tryed with a remedy of so powerful a nature & I should be glad to hear you had consulted someone else I wish you would call on Dr. May, & get acquainted with him as a friend & then you could ask his advice as a Physician also.-- I have introduced you to him, tho not in person his direction is 56 Wimpole St. My Aunt’s are- Miss Hammersley

3 Bottom Row

[Curzon] Street

Pray call & see them.-- You would I know feel a sincere interest in what both place at Bishop’s Court-- back Sunday. My Brother was admited to Deacon Orders he was Ordained by my Father in the Chapel of Bishop’s Court with five other Candidates amongst whom was one the first Papa has ordained of those prepared for the Ministry in his new College. I have not heard since the Ordination, but I know that it was to be last Sunday. Lady [?] read to her little Boy, the message you sent about him in your last-- he was very much pleased & desired me when I wrote to say how much he was obliged to you:-- dear Bishop Chase-- if you love me - let this prayer be habitually offered for this dear child. For [?] to my own sister’s precious little Boy- This child is the dearest to me on earth, I value your prayers very highly therefore I ask them for him-- he is a remarkably gifted child very forward in mind & a very sweet disposition & he is blest with parents whose great wish for him is that he should be such as you desire be.-- let me hear soon again from you & believe me ever very dear Bishop Chase.

Your’s with most true & respectful affection

M.C. Ward

Letter to Philander Chase



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