Philander Chase



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Philander Chase writes to his brother Dudley looks forward to their reunion in Hartford as he tours the United States. He also writes about his intention to have Thomas Russell accompany him to Illinois to establish a theological school there.




Philander Chase, Dudley Chase, Thomas Russell, Vermont, Hartford, Illinois


N. York 27 May 1836

My dearest Brother;

I can not express to you my grateful feelings on being permitted once more to tread on my native soil. I arrived in this city yesterday after a protracted voyage of 37 days from Portsmouth England. My health was but indifferent altho’ I officiated every Sunday on board except the lastL since which I think I am better.

After getting my luggage on this the Custom-House I must go on to Phila. then shall return hither: and then proceed thro’ Hartford (to see my dear [Lord] Dudley) to Vermont. The exact time when I shall embrace you I can not exactly name: perhaps within a week or nine days.

I wish you would inform Mr. Thomas Russell of Bethel that I intend making him a proposition to go on with me this Summer to Illinois to assist me in locating some lands for my intended Theological School in that Diocese: and there I wish him to give me an answer on my arrival at his home which will be as I have stated soon. I shall be able to make him a handsome compensation for his trouble and time and he will have an opportunity of seeing that fine country. If he can arrange it so as to accompany me after a very few dats of great pleasure spent with you & the rest of my dearest friends in Vermont, I shall be most gratified.

Do see him immediately on this subject-- If you cannot do this in person pray send this letter to him that he may have had a little time to reflect on this subject before my coming~

I [?] letters on my arrival in this City from my dear Family in Gilead Michigan. They are all well, & patient under their many sufferings-- For my Wife’s magnanimity of a truly Christian Character founded as it is on a firm [?] Gods wisdom and many in Jesus Christ our Lord I hope I am duly thankful.

Indeed all who [?] it both in England and America are of the same opinion on this subject with myself.

Reserving all other things which I wish to tell you for that pleasing event of seeing you face to face I am most faithfully your

loving Brother

Philander Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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