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Intrepid Morse wishes his uncle good health and good luck in his travel to Illinois.




Steubenville June 17, 1836.

My Dear Uncle,

I should have written before in answer to your two welcome letters received in due time from “Old England,” but for the reason that I knew not where to direct so that a letter would reach you; and even now am somewhat in doubt whether you may have returned from Vt., or gone to Ill. I shall venture however to send this to Gilead, as in medias res.

The anxiety felt for your health & safe return was happily dissipated not many days since by yours from N.Y. informing us of your safe arrival with 800£ sterling, the product of a second application to the unwearied generosity of the land of our fathers. This tho’ not as much as was anticipated in the sanguine expectations of many, is better than could be reasonably expected after the unkind opposition of Bp. O. & Mr. L. And with this you are going to do in the far far west what was done in Ohio some dozen years ago! Well; I should not fear the result had you the years, the constitution & the spirits, with which you then began: But, alas, where are they? gone with the things beyond the flood. But what do I say? I will not despond-- I do not despair. If the cause is God’s-- if He have anything more for you to do in this world,-- He will carry you on. He will provide-- crown & bless. May He thus do, if it be his gracious pleasure, for Jesus’s sake.

The parcel of seeds which I mentioned to Mrs. C. as about to be forwarded to Gilead last spring, is yet in my possession for want of an opportunity to transmit it. If you will indicate the channel, the place where & the person to whose care, it should be sent when you shall have removed to Illinois it may yet be forwarded with it. I should be glad also to transmit the surplus copies of your letters on the conspiracy at Gambier, & Samuel Chase’s letter on ditto; there being one or two hundred copies on hand of these pamphlets which perhaps may be of some importance or at least interest to posterity.

By the by-- Have you heard that the Standing Committee? of Kentucky have requested Bp. Smith to resign? because forsooth he is not sufficiently great or popular enough for them! Poor dear man, it brings to mind (to my mind at least) certain letters which passed between him & you in 1831. “As I have done so hath God requited me.” Rev. Mr. Cummings said that the ingratitude of his diocese had cost him (Bp. S.) a severe fit of illness-- almost his life.

In addition to the loss of the communion plate of Rosse Chapel at Gilead last year, the smaller set, for the Bp’s travelling convenience, returned to Bp. McIlvaine thro’ Mr. Wells- was destroyed in the fire about the same time at Gambier, together with the Bp’s robes, made in England. Thus have these much litigated articles gone the way of all sublunary things. It is indeed something remarkable if not providential. I hope, at least, there will now be no more quarrelling about them.

As you are soon to remove from Gilead, I should think that the patents for Mary’s land there had better be taken out and have it sold wherever it will bring the best price. You will be best able to judge when this will be, by the success which you have in disposing of your own. In the meantime, should you not be able to make sale of it before you remove, or rather together with your own, it had better be left in the hands & care of brother Hez. Wells at Schooberaft, who I am told has turned land Speculator.

There will be this difficulty attending the business that no little can be made for the land until Mary arrives at majority, which is, I believe, at 18 years of age; The land having been entered in her name according to her dear father’s wish-- her “other father,” as she calls him, although I have never yet heard one syllable of the $,,350 left in Mr Rutledge’s hands, and which in the event of her not arriving at 18 is to go to the Gen. Th. Seminary to do something for the Illinois Sem’y, possibly we may be someday.

Where is Mr. Richmond & Mr. Dyer & Mr. [Tullidge] all gone?! But you are to have Mr. DePui, & Ezekiel Gear of the olden time & are there none else, none from Old E.? --or must they be raised up in Illinois & by that time infidelity & schism-- weeds & thorns-- will have pre-occupied all the land-- May God forbid-- We are all well & send much warm love to all in “Mizpeh”

Ever yours-- Int. Morse

Letter from Intrepid Morse



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