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E. Bickersteth updates Philander Chase on his new life in an agricultural village, where he keeps happy with his publications. He has sent a copy of one of his publications enclosed in the letter and hopes that he will meet with Chase again.




My dear Bishop Chase -

I am [grieved] not to have answered your letter earlier. It gave me great pleasure to hear that you had come amongst us again and that the Lord had opened before you another scene of usefulness. I am now in quite a different situation to what I was when you were with us before; in an agricultural village with chiefly [?] around us; but find [?] occupation partly in the works to which my former situation has led me and partly in my parish and in publications.

It will give me great pleasure to furnish you with a copy of my publication and I enclose a letter to [?] and Seeley for that purpose. I have a hope that we may meet at [?]’s annual meeting the beginning of January, where I conclude that you will be.

May all the Lord’s dealings with you and all your hopes, labour, and sufferings be greatly [owned] of God to the good of his Church. Nothing suffered for our Lord Christ and his people can be in vain.

Abbey [M]

E Bickersteth

Letter to Philander Chase



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