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An unknown writer describes the enemies of the Church, the "Dissenters," who have deceived the Evangelicals by the depth of their beliefs. The writer condemns the recent behavior of the "Dissenters" and notes that the High Church's initial judgement of them was correct.




Dissenters, Evangelicals, High Church, Lord Chancellor Eldon


The Pious Dissenters ought to bear in mind that they are the [assailants] in this unholy strife. That the Evangelical men in the Church merged the distinction between Churchmen and Dissenters in that [brethren] in Christ believing and acknowledging them to be such, and joining cordially with them heart and hand in [?] [?] societies established for the general good of man. The High Church accused them of error and evil in [thus] [writing] with their Dissenting brethren; but this feeling in their own hearts the living powers of the principle of true Christianity, they trusted to it as [?] in the hearts of others, and believed they should not be deceived.

The recent conduct of [such] masses of Dissenters proves that they have been deceived, that the High Church were right and they were wrong, not in principle, but in the judgement they respectively formed of the depth and vitality of the principles of the modern Dissenters; nay that Lord Chancellor Eldon judging of them mostly on worldly principles, judged of them accurately many years ago when he said ‘give them the powers and they will join heart and hand with enemies of religion in pulling down the Church.

Letter to Anne Tyndale



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